December 27th 2002 Time: 2.10am approx.

HBCC UFO note: It has been an exciting year for me here in northern British Columbia. After a slow start in for the year 2001 (6 reported UFO sightings, my investigation into the Vanderhoof crop circles and a cattle mute), 2002 has been an ubelievable time for a UFO investigator. With this sighting report, this will bring the total cases I have worked on to 120 cases. Most of the cases are for the pacific northwest here in B.C. I have talked to over 200 witnesses for these 120 reported sightings. I still am working on two more still yet to come for the end of this year.

Did the same Golden UFO return to Granisle? (Raw data)

I had a telephone call from a nice fellow who reported that he, and three other co-workers were doing some last minute work around the logging camp which is located across Babine Lake, just across the lake from Granisle, British Columbia. One of the workers gave out a loud cry telling the other workers to look into the direction he was pointing to. Approx: a half kilometer away from their location, which would have been to the north. The men all witnessed a bright, white/yellowish light coming from behind the trees in the distance. At this point all that was visible was a a brightness shinning above the trees.

(HBCC UFO note:) I know the area well as I have spent a lot of time fishing the lakes in the area, and there is nothing out there other than forest, lakes and streams. Of course cut blocks in which are being logged. I asked the fellow if there may have been logging equipment working in the area where the light was seen coming from, using their bight lights to log and harvest the timber. He said NO ! The loggers were making ready the area/camp for logging to start up again after the holiday season was over and done with.

After dropping everything the men were doing, watching and wondering what this glowing light was, to their shock a large glowing golden/orangish disk shaped object with a large halo of white around the craft rose up in the distance and stopped and hovered. I was told they observed the object for approx: 10 seconds at the most, which the fellow said seemed like a life time. As the object moved away from their location, heading roughly to the north they did lose sight of the craft quickly, but after losing sight of the object they still could see the bright light, which they figured was the light which was given off from the object for sometime. (approx: 5 minutes after seeing the object). The light grew faint and disappeared.

HBCC UFO note: I am still gathering information on this case, and the other case at Granisle, British Columbia in which two authorities witnessed a large glowing orange/gold almost saucer shaped (oval?) object hovering right over top the old Bell Copper mine. This took place on October 22, 2002 at 10:25 p.m. This full report is at my website.

I should have a report from Terrace B.C. as well coming quickly, witnessed watched an object on December 27, 2002, 8:35pm. around the hot springs which is a short distance from the main junction heading west towards Kitimat. The witness watched a saucer shaped object with one row of lights with two very bright lights close together.

And another I am working on, and am speaking with the witness, this report came to me from my friends from UFO*BC and is a joint investigation. This sighting takes place in between Kitimat and Terrace, B.C. at Onion Lake. Full reports on these new sightings will be posted soon.

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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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