British Columbia

Summer 2002

Burnaby, British Columbia Small Chrome Colored Sphere

Date: Summer 2002
Time: Daytime

I also have another weird sighting that took place In the summer of 2002. I was talking to my girlfriend’s best friend about the strange white light that I saw in February 2002 that narrowly missed the plane over BCIT.

As we were talking in my backyard, I looked up into the eastern sky and saw what I thought was a bald eagle way, way, way up high in the bright blue, cloudless sky. It appeared to be following what I can only describe as a small chrome-colored sphere. They were so high up (I reckon too high even for a bald eagle) that I assumed it was a large bird like a bald eagle because it was dark colored, and at that amazing height a crow or raven wouldn’t have been as easy to see.

I ascertained that it was some kind of sphere as it reflected glistening sunlight off of its round sides sporadically. The crazy thing was that this was the only time the sphere was visible as it seemed to be cloaked with the color of the sky. It was like it was fading in and out of cloaking mode! It also seemed that either the eagle/bird was chasing the sphere, or perhaps the sphere was controlling the eagle/bird.

So as I was passing on my UFO story to my girlfriend’s best friend, here I was looking at another would-be UFO!

Thank you to the eyewitness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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