From Forest To Mt. Carmel, Ontario

Winter 2002/2003

From Forest To Mt. Carmel, Ontario Object Parallels Witnesses Truck

Date: 2002 or 2003 ?
Time: Approx: 3:00 a.m.

From Forest to Mt. Carmel, Ontario. Winter. Early morning (3 am?). 2002 or 2003. Driving to Huron Park from Sarnia, Ontario, with my friend driving.

As a passenger, I was observing the night sky. We were headed in a northern direction just outside of Forest when I spotted a very bright, white star. I kept watching it for some time trying to determine whether it was the North Star or a satellite. As is common when driving at night, it appeared as though it were following us, always the same distance but, seemingly, changing direction as we changed direction. I then commented to my friend that it seemed like the star was constantly parallel with us and that I hadn't moved my eyes or head the whole time we had been travelling northward. He glanced several times and said it must be a satellite. When I looked at him to speak, we were turning and heading east. When I looked back at the sky, the 'object' was much closer but still parallel with our truck.

A sense of fear coursed through my body and I told my friend that it was a UFO. We both glanced over through the passenger window only to see and feel a white light come through the truck then disappear as quickly as it appeared. Although we were still driving, we felt that something had changed. There were no landmarks to verify the change and neither of us checked the time. It seemed as though we were both disoriented. Neither of us have spoken about the incident since.

I have been looking for someone that I trust to take me into regressive hypnosis. I need answers!!! Not only to understand and complete the puzzle of my life's experiences, but to have a kinship with others like myself.

Thanks to all for sharing and thanks to the creators and caretakers of this site.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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