January 4th 2003
Time: 2.40am

On Saturday, January 4, 2003 I had a phone call from a witnesses who lives in the small community of Rosswood which is approximately 42 km north of Terrace, B.C. on Kalum Lake Drive. I found it hard to understand the witness due to their excitement over what she just observed. I asked her if she would slow down and repeat the information again to me.

The woman explained that her and a passenger were driving along the highway against the Rosswood Mountain Range when they both watched three large circular white objects hovering near the peak of the range. The driver stopped the truck and they both watched the objects as they slowly descended down the mountain. She explained there is a small hill which sits in front of the mountain. The objects dropped down behind the smaller hill and both witnesses lost sight of them. She said they sat watching for a while just in case what ever it was they saw showed up once again. But that was it, what ever it was the folks saw, was gone.

I asked approx: how long they observed the lights for. She said it must have been close to 3 minutes. I asked if she could determine the distance between each of the lights. From their vantage point, and a "rough" guess, she determined the lights may have been approx: 1/4 of a km a part, but she stressed that this was only a guess. I was also told that the lights were at a equal distance between each other, or at least so it seemed, the witness said.

Anyway, I will be paying these folks a visit after the winter is over as I still have a few others to visit along the route between Terrace and Prince Rupert.

Take care


Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

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