February 22nd 2003

Here is the rough report, I will be heading to the areas to visit the witnesses when the weather looks a bit better.

Between Terrace & Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Date: February 22, 2003
Time: approx: 10:30 p.m.

A couple driving home from Prince Rupert to Terrace, B.C. and approx: 85 kilometers west out of Terrace when they witnessed a huge object travelling north across the Skeena River. (HBCC UFO Note: The Skeena River widens out a lot at this point and can be up to two miles or more across the valley as it heads to the ocean). The object itself was dark in color, or black. Again what caught the attention of the motorists was the bright lights which were seen on the bottom of the object. Two large, almost rectangular lights could be seen glowing from the bottom of the object. Also they said it moved so very slowly which they found really strange. When I talked with the husband, he said he wanted to pull over to get a better look as he was driving, but his wife was frightened, crying and "insisted" that he keep going and quickly. No noise again was reported coming from the object, but the couple were in their car travelling around Highway #16. It was certainly a disk shaped craft. He also mentioned that there were other vehicles on the road at the time, (not many) and someone else must have seen it. The sighting lasted for approx: a minute and a half at the most from what he told me. I asked the husband roughly how high the object was off the ground as it travelled. He said it was high enough to clear all the mountains in the area. (HBCC UFO Note: On this route from Prince Rupert to Terrace you travel straight through the West Coast Mountain range which is very rugged. I am not sure as to the elevation where this event took place, but it would have to be around 2500 to 3000 feet. I will be checking this out as well. I plan to meet with all of the witnesses just as soon as the weather cooperates.

Anyway, this gives everyone an idea of what just took place, three reports, one coming from Vancouver Island, Kitimat and in between Terrace & Prince Rupert all on the same night. Plus there is not a lot of time difference between each of the sightings. When I meet with these folks I will see if they can draw a rough sketch of what they saw, and of course try to get a lot more detail on these sightings. From Houston, B.C. where I am it is another 3 hour drive to Terrace, B.C, then you head east for approx" another half hour to get to Kitimat, B.C. So a long drive there and back again.

Take care

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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