April 14th 2003

Been a while since I was around on the list. Reports are still coming into me here in northern B.C. and I'm working on many of them. I will be making arrangements to meet with a good number of witnesses soon, to discuss some of the reports they have sent, and I have posted on my site in the British Columbia 2003 UFO reports area.

I also for the ones who may have not heard, have an "excellent" case I am working on. A "possible" abduction case here in Canada, back east. I have samples of clothing in which have been sent off to be tested in Vancouver, B.C. I also received 95 pages of documentation for this case. Now I am not one to jump into a case of this type. "But" I can't pass it up. Just so much information I figured I would look into it. Plus I have a colleague in Ontario who has agreed to also look into it. There has been some other things also which has taken place here which are very strange, and I will report on this as I gather the information.

Houston, British Columbia

Date: April 11, 2003
Time: 8:00 p.m.
4 Witnesses:
Very creditable witnesses:

A fellow stopped me while I was heading out the door of our local grocery store here in Houston, B.C. today (April 14, 2003). He said to me that he had his first UFO sighting the other night. There were four witnesses to this sighting. On April 11, 2003 at 8:00 p.m., which was a Friday evening 4 witnesses were just west of Houston in an area called the Houston Estates. There are a number of homes in the area. One of the witnesses saw something funny and told everyone else to look.

Looking south towards the Morice River, from the Houston Estates they noticed the strangest set of lights. It was very low in altitude, and sitting above the Morice Valley Road. I was told the only thing which could be seen on it were the three colored lights. The witness said it was as if the object was rotating, as the lights kept changing position. The color of the lights were, yellow, blue and red. The strange thing about this sighting is that I was told that the object was witnessed for approx: 10 minutes. Also if one would picture someone making a drawing of a Christmas Tree, (just a simple sketch) this would have been how this object moved. So starting say from the top of a tree, it zipped down and out to it's left, then moved quickly straight back in. ( say towards the trunk of the tree). Then dropped a bit and continued doing this until in was noted to have dropped a good distance in height. He told me whatever it was moved extremely fast, then would come to a complete stop. Then once again continuing to move at a high rate of speed making the same maneuvers over and over again. The object would have been approx: 2 miles away from the peoples location. Binoculars were brought out so they could get a better look at it, I was told all that could be seen was the lights, no shape or body to the object. The object/lights vanished instantly after the 10 minutes of viewing.

Anyway how, this is a raw report and I am in the works of contacting the other three witnesses to gather more information on this sighting.

Take care,

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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