April 21st 2003

Houston, British Columbia

Date: April 21, 2003
Time: 11:45 p.m.
Weather conditions: Clear
Witness: 2
Local call:

I had a local call today from a Houston resident who asked if I was free and if I would be able to drop by his home. I jumped into the car and drove the 2 kilometers east from Houston to his home, where they have a large farm. When I arrived I was greeted by the fellow who asked if I would come in and listen to a story of a strange event that took place April 21, 2003, at 11:45 p.m..

We sat down and he explained that he was walking home from his bothers place, (which runs along highway #16). As he got to where their driveway meets the highway, he saw a large blackened object (craft) flying very low over top the tree line and across the highway heading in an easterly direction coming from the west (?). He told me what caught his attention to the object was that being a completely clear night and gazing up at the stars there was a large part of the sky in which no stars were visible, but only the outline of something huge and dark in color. As we watched it a number of rolls of lights came on, which scared him darn near out of his pants. He told me he ran the short distance to their home and yelled to his mother to come out and look at what he was watching. Both of them stood looking at this massive object "slowly" fly by. All of a sudden the lights that were visible which had just came on, went out. Due to the farm having a great deal of trees around it, they soon started to lose sight of what ever it was that was flying by. (HBCC UFO Note: I asked if they could give me a rough idea what the shape of this object looked like. Both said it looked as if it might have been triangular in shape. How they came to this idea was due to the lights which came on. The witnesses said the rolls of lights on the underside of the craft seemed to sweep back from a point on an angle. (direction the craft was heading - so the front of it) Or to give a better idea may be if one was looking at a flight of geese in a V formation. The main colors of the lights were white, with some green/red also in the mix. They also reported that it looked as if there were three large rolls of the lights on the underside. I also asked if they could tell me the rough size of it. They both said it was "massive", then looked at one another hoping, I guess one would come up with a better description of just how big this was. They said it had to have been close to the size of a large jet airliner, or a bit larger.

The sighting lasted approx: for 10 to 12 seconds before they lost sighting of it, after looking around the area where they live I figured that would have been a long time to view this due to so many trees which would have started to block their view of the object. "No" sound was heard what so ever. They also have a large dog in which seemed to be disturbed as the craft flew on by so they said. The fellow said the object was approximately 400 to 500 feet above the tree tops, which was pretty darn low. (HBCC UFO Note: I wondered if the object had made some kind of change in it's flight path before the witness caught sight of it. These folks live right below Mount Harry Davis, so if it came from over top the mountain it would have had to drop approx: 1500 feet to arrive at the height the people reported seeing it at. Or I wondered if the object had flown from the south, which would have taken it over, or close to the town of Houston, B.C. and then made it's turn easterly. Another strange thing they mentioned. (a little sketchy here), but their impression of it was that it had a large body to it. Meaning it wasn't so much flat, but more raised at the top of it. ( Bulging at the top, but curved if one had blown up a balloon - They could not be completely sure of this, but as I mentioned, it was their impression of how they saw it).

The Mom said she hardly slept that night just thinking about it, the fellow didn't seem to have a problem with it after it was all done and over with. But I could certainly hear the excitmentment in their voices when they spoke about this event.

(HBCC UFO Note: Last year for all of 2002, as many of you know I dealt with a large amount of reported sightings. But I did not have many, or any come to think of it, these triangle sighting. This year, 2003 I have had a number of reports of these types of objects flying around my area here in the north, plus sightings from the lower mainland. I am starting to scratch what hair I have left on this bald head wondering what the heck is going on up here. I still am getting reported sightings from local residents, from Houston, Telkwa and Smithers of military vehicles which were running around the area after the July 29, 2002 sighting. Actually the first week in August 2002 when everything started showing up. Also what is interesting is, that more folks are coming forward telling me of all the flights that took place in the first week of August 2002 around these areas. Unmarked aircraft, both fixed wing and helicopters. And folks I can confirm a lot of this as I saw many of these aircraft myself. And they all were flying right over the tree tops, just as if they were looking for something. If that the case or not, I don't really know. But I have no doubt in my mind something major has, and still is taking place around the pacific northwest here in British Columbia.The witnesses, or most of them I can say are good reliable folks. Matter of fact even a few of the reports have come from people in positions of authority of different kinds. I also know I am only receiving a small fraction of the reports, as every week I hear of another sighting coming from a second or third party member. I don't bother to report these as I want the actual witness to step forward to give their account of what they saw. But there are still so many who are not wanting to come forward.

There has been a few other strange things that have taken place along Highway #16 throughout all the communities and I am working on an article on this as well. Why this area is anyone's guess. I know one thing for sure, there has been a "ton" of lights/objects seen flying south up over and through the Morice River Valley (or road). Now this may be reaching for the stars, but I am trying to think of everything I can to give me a clue to why so many sightings. Why so many being seen heading in the Morice area. Someone brought up an idea to me, saying that the government had closed a part of the Telkwa mountain range down because they transplanted some Caribou a few years ago to the area. Made me "think". It may be just that, not wanting the snowmobiles frightening the animals which i certainly can understand, but then again is there possibly another reason. (See the old brain is still working. -:)))

Anyway, there you have the short version of things, also working on a case out of Humboldt, Saskatchewan which took place on April 19th, 2003. So I will see what I gather out of that one as well and I will post any results I receive on it.

Take good care everyone.

HBCC UFO Research

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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/030421.shtml