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Oshawa, Ontario

July/August 2003

Strange Long White Segmented Anomaly Caught on Video Over Oshawa, Ontario

This was filmed in the Summer late July /August 2003 over my roof in Oshawa, Ontario.

I remember that day very well. While trying to film these strange white roundish objects forming a arc formation they were very high in the sky observed by blocking the sun south with the aid of my house roof.

I filmed them for over 15 minutes on a old camcorder – with little success. This was due to being quite high in the sky as I could barely make them out with the naked eye.

Then later in December 2007 I had now a digital camera for better results – Merry Christmas ! So I thought to experiment and play some of the 2003 footage through my TV.

Using my digital camera on the TV screen in filming then transferring this digital format to my computer.

After viewing this short clip my mouth dropped to something very odd caught on film. Something with incredible speed was caught on film in the 7-8 second mark in this clip.

When I froze the image to see what it could be I was amazed to see a long white segmented anomaly.

It appears like a DNA strand to best describe it's appearance.

If this is some type of insect caught on film. In truth I cannot identify it as I have studied Entomology in College.

The image has been still shot frozen to give a better idea of it's description.
It may be possible it might be some type of flying white rod that was not seen with the naked eye.
Yet the camcorder caught something never filmed before I have NEVER ever found similar

Still frame from video

UFOINFO Note: It is recommended that you view the video at 10% - 20% of the original playback speed to see the anomalies at full effect.


Here is another short clip taken over my roof in Oshawa, Ontario

This would go back late July /August 2003.

After filming the clear skies for over 15 minutes near the end of this clip I filmed something I witnessed through the viewer also with the naked eye.

While filming I noticed three white orbs in a almost perfect triangle formation.

As the camera starts to film them they just moved off out of sight over my roof together as if one object.

Based on all I have witnessed prior and later in 2003 without a camera I do wonder if I caught something on filmed that day.

It does appear they did not want to be filmed.

Paul Shishis


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