July 10th 2003

Lake Country, (Winfield) British Columbia

Date: July 10, 2003
Time: approx: 11:00 p.m.

This witness read my article which was in the August 15th edition of the Capital News of the Okanagan, "Seeking Witnesses to UFO." The fellow went on to tell me a pretty interesting story, plus he has video footage to back up his claim, which he is going to get to me very soon. He wanted to mention that he had never been a big believer in UFOs, but after July 10, 2003 his thinking may have changed a bit.

The witness was sitting on his front steps in Winfield, British Columbia and looking to his west into the starry night. He spotted the Big Dipper, the handle of it when he saw what looked like a satellite moving horizontally towards the Big Dipper and across it. The fellow said to himself, "this is really moving fast", what is this?

The object was flying still horizontally through the sky, when it passed by the Big Dipper it changed direction on a dime and shot back and up. But as he watched the object traveling in an upwards motion, it came to a complete stop. The gentleman had a Sony camera with him at the time and happened to capture approx: 2 minutes of footage which he is getting to me soon. But he said he was able to follow the object around as it performed these strange maneuvers. He tells me the footage is rather good.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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