August 2003

Witnesses are kind enough to still be reporting an event which took place over the skies from Kamloops to Kimberley, British Columbia. I may be a bit off on the count, but I believe there has been over 200 reports that have come in to me over this unusual event, plus the object which was witnessed minutes before the beam of light showed up. I have even had some from the Kelowna area say that nothing took place, nothing in newspapers, on radio, etc.. about this incident. Well I would say to them, open their darn eyes. Newspapers carried the story on this and other events in the area, radio also carried the story. What this object or beam of light was, is anyone's guess right now as I cannot come up with an answer, either can the professionals. So it still remains a mystery.

So below is another report from a kind person who wanted to tell me what he witnessed.

Kelowna, British Columbia

August, 2003

Dear Sir,

I was just visiting your web site and I must say what I read not only shocked me, it sent shivers up and down my spine! I felt I had to contact you and tell you about my experience with the sighting of the mysterious beam of light that was observed back in July and again three weeks later, which is when I witnessed this odd phenomena.

It was fairly late in the evening as I recall because I was already in bed watching T.V. when all of a sudden I caught something out of the corner of my eye.I turned my head and out of my bedroom window I saw this very bright beam of light hovering in the sky going from northwest to southeast at what I would judge to be at least 20,000 ft.or better in altitude. It looked to be about 100 ft. in width and stretched across a long portion of the sky.This beam of light was very much like what you would see from a neon tube in that it had a very distinct outline,much like a very long rectangle. It looked like it might be rotating slowly, but it was very hard to tell really, because of the brightness of the object. I say object because that is the best way I can describe what it was I saw.

The out line of this beam was very distinct in that within it, it was so bright and yet all around it, it was a very dark clear night.You could see the stars above and below and I saw a plane flying at a high altitude[much higher and further away] off to the southwest, travelling from west to east, as is not unusual any night of the week.

This sighting was unlike any thing I have ever witnessed before in my lifetime. I have lived up north and out on the prairies, and have seen the northern lights on hundred's of occasions and I can tell you this was definitely not what I saw that night! This beam of light, for want of a better term sat stationary in the sky for a few seconds then seemed to blink out from south to north, like it was being drawn back to a point of origin. The best way I can describe what I mean by this is it was much like what I remember seeing in the movie 'Star Wars', when Luke drew his light saber sword. I know that seems funny, but it is the only way to describe what I saw that night.

I hollered for my room-mate to come and see it. By the time he got to my room this thing was gone, but he would certainly tell you I was quite agitated and excited by what I had just witnessed. I could not believe my eyes, but I said to the roomy "there is no way anyone who was outside at that time of night could possibly have missed it!".

We watched the news on our local station for the next few nights in hopes someone else may have seen it, but nothing came up and so I never gave it another thought as I have seen many strange things in the night sky over the years I have lived here in Kelowna; many times with other people, but have never reported anything before because I did not want the attention. So when I came across your website tonight you can understand how it hit me to find out I was not alone! I just got a computer last week and am only now learning how to use it, but I had to write you when I saw the reports on your sight. I had no idea you even existed until tonight.

Anyway, I will be watching the sky more often now as I know I am not alone in wondering what is going on up there.

Thank you to this witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/030800.shtml