August 11th 2003

Original E-mail Form Sighting Report:

Name: Aaron

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta - Canada

Date: 08/11/03

1:20 AM Mountain Standard Time

Approach Direction: Coming from SW (South - East)

Departure Direction: Heading towards NW (North - West)

Witness Direction: North West. Straight up.

Description: While outside on the deck chatting with my wife, I happened to look up and notice a small reddish glowing light, non-blinking flying North West at a very high altitude, and at a speed atleast 4 times faster than commercial airliners. I thought it may have been test runs from Cold Lake airforce base outside of Edmonton, until I counted 11 more of them heading in the same direction not too far behind one another. Non were blinking, just solid red and moving very fast. After I counted 11, I was stumped and heading back into the house and decided to look up once more and noticed a 12th object come from the same direction double the speed of the other 11, then come to a stop slowly and remain for atleast 30 seconds. It then accelerated and left in the same direction as the rest.

Color/Shape: Red glow, almost like aircraft lights, but a little brighter.. Could not make out shape due to very high altitude. Moving very fast.. One came to a complete stop, then resumed.

Height & Speed: Altitude was atleast over 25000 feet since the ceiling height that evening was 25000.. And there were few clouds with alot of breaks. The objects were much higher.. Maybe 30000+ feet. Not sure about speeds, but have watched many military fighter jets fly over town, and these objects clearly moved at a very greater pace. No sound.

TV/Radio/Press: No other reports that I am aware of.

Sorry for lack of detail, but I just know when something is not right. These objects could not possible be standard aircraft. And why would there be soo many.

Follow-up Report by Brian Vike:

Brian: Did you happen to see any normal aircraft in the area ? (jets, or smaller aircraft) ?

Aaron: Not that I am aware of.. We have an airport near by, and flights usually do not arrive depart during the late hours of the night.

Brian: Did you happen to notice if these red lights took up any type of pattern in the sky ?

Aaron: No pattern of any noticable type, however, the speeds were very uniform, read below..

Brian: Can you remember how many seconds after you saw the first red light, until you witnessed the second ? I am trying to figure out how much time went by between each of the red lights.

Aaron: Given my guess on the altitude of the objects, the first 3 seemed to be flying at the exact same distance from each other.. Single-file, approximately 1km between the first three.. The fourth followed about 10 seconds after the 3rd, followed by the 5th to 8th object. Objects 4 through 8 flew at uniform speeds, but the distances between them was variable. Objects 9 through 12 were again uniform in speed and distance, just like the first 3.

Brian: What were the weather conditions in the area at the time ?

Aaron: Weather conditions were partly cloudy, but we still had a good view of the stars. Cloud height was reported to be 25000 feet at the time. No wind, no rain.

Brian: Since the time of the sighting, have you heard of anyone else reporting anything strange in the area around the time of the sighting ?

Aaron: As yet, no. I havent had many chances to converse with other people of the event due to work. Not too many people around here seem to "look up" very often.

Brian: Any unusual sounds heard before, after or during the sighting ?

Aaron: None. Was quite quiet that evening.

Brian: If you would be kind enough to answer the questions it may help in finding an answer for what you witnessed. Plus if there is any other detail that you may have left out, would you please pass the information a long as well.

Aaron: Hopefully these answers can help you out in some way or another. I have always been interested in this area, and used to keep a personal log of events as they happened. However, the log was not very big and I have long since lost it.

Brian: Thank you very much for your help. Take good care

Aaron: Keep in touch.. I will be heading out camping for the next days, and will have a few cameras on hand. If anything pops up, I will definitely share the information.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/030811.shtml