August 26th 2003

Vancouver, British Columbia

Date: August 26, 2003
Time: 11:50 p.m.

My dad has been watching the skies for the last month convinced to find an UFO highway but today August 26th 2003, he made me see something I couldn't explain. I was on the phone with my friend when we saw this thing, so along with her siblings there were about 6 of use who saw it. It was facing south and from my direction I didn't need to tilt my head up to the sky, it was near where mars was at this point and about 5 inches to the east.

My dad called me out around 11:50 pm and it ended at 12:35. It was a cloudy night and underneath the clouds was this light that shone through and it kept doing this tiny orbit. It just kept going and going and at first it was the same tiny orbit but as time went on the course would change slightly and it got bigger and bigger and it seemed that towards the end another object joined the course.

It couldn't have been a light from earth because there was no stream of light and where there was no cloud you couldn't see anything, But where there was a thick cloud cover you couldn't see anything either so if there were a light it would show.

Also the past week my dad would see lights going from south to east in a line and then all of a sudden stopping and then shooting straight up and disappearing. These lights would travel across the sky quickly. They weren't blinking or anything, I guess kind of... like a moving star.

Ok thanks. I hope you can respond to me.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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