UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Oshawa, Ontario

August 27th 2003

A Wave of White Light Like a Scanner Above

Back on August 27, 2003 after midnight I thought to witness Mars and Earth's closeness in over 60,000 years as reported.

Based on all the UFO activity I and other witnesses had seen starting since March 2003 I felt this event would be a great opportunity of a window to see another UFO at night.

While in my backyard alone looking at closeness Mars in Oshawa, Ontario I observed some clouds in the night sky. As well something strange i took notice with my ears. When the clouds would block out Mars in a visual sight in the night sky all the insects would ' stop ' making their insect sounds – real quiet – no sound. Then when Mars was revealed in the night sky of no clouds the insects would start up again in high pitch insect sound. This was interesting I thought standing there observing this odd thing with bugs to hear.

After near one hour – close to 1:00am on August 27, 2003 I noticed coming from the west – a wave of white light coming to my direction. It was far south and north as one could see.

So the best way to describe this thing A ' thin wave '

It moved across then overhead and headed east all in about 15-20 seconds. I was then stunned in thought, Did I just see that? What the heck was that I just witnessed?

It was like a scanner light moving across from the west to east. The line was thin but well defined to see it ! I could speculate – had to be hundreds of miles –south to north long of a wave. Maybe even the entire planet

I had predicted to see another UFO that night. But this type of light phenomenon was certainly in it's own category to wonder ? Was this some form of cosmic wave between the planets? Or a HAARP turn on?

The good news is that about three – four weeks later...I was talking to a friend in the neighbourhood. I brought up what I had witnessed that night. He shocked me by saying he also witnessed it ! So I asked him 'what do you think it could be' ?

He said I believe it was a reflection from a Mother ship ?

I myself could not explain what I had WITNESSED THAT NIGHT

Sure was freaky to say the least. Not to mention to talk on the net of no one else reporting this type of phenomenon.

I also came to the conclusion why I had witnessed so many different types of UFO's in 2003. I do believe this spike of UFO sightings was due to Earth and Mars closeness.Just a theory as other past researcher have found out in patten - ie UFO flaps.

Brian Shishis

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