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August 29th 2003

Scarborough, Ontario

Hi John

Hope you are keeping well there

I wanted to first thank you for posting my previous sightings in Ontario.

I now feel it my duty to report these two sightings to you that happened back August 29, 2003.

This is certainly a different type of intelligence witnessed by myself and coworker. 9 --10 rusty red bands of light that materialized and then dematerialized in ‘ three ‘stages above work roof.

On the Friday, August 29,2003 while in Scarborough, Ontario at work I came outside for a smoke break at about 1:10pm. The day was quite warm and clear blue sky with a slight haze high above.

Within about five minutes while observing the sky above my work roof -facing north three red rusty round lights literally "materialized" over my work roof at about roughly less than one thousand feet in altitude. These lights then instantly changed in size and shape that formed a longer "bands" in shape.

In description they appeared in length maybe 30-50 ft long-in a vertical position.

In width would be about 5-10 feet +

They were a bright "rusty " red color of light with a obvious light intensity.

They were no way solid*

I then screamed for a coworker near by to come out and see this display after about one minute. As the coworker came out and looked up above the roof. He also could see this display of unknown aerial light anomalies. Then after about 10-15 seconds together we both observed three more appear from nowhere behind the first three some many yards apart.

Now there is count of 6 rusty red light anomalies above in total. Then again after another 30 seconds another three or four bands of light bands materialized before our eyes. They positioned themselves ‘behind ‘ the first 6 lights that appeared earlier. Now there are at least 9 or 10 of them in a group sitting there not moving.

Both I and the witness were quite in a state of shock in what we were witnessing as we watched this group of rusty red bands of light just sitting still in a group of 9 bands -maybe 10.

This happened so fast to watch this incredible spectacle to observe. Within about 40 seconds later after they all disappeared.

A small white low flying commercial jet came in the direction where these light anomalies were stationary. The jet was flying in from the west toward them.

Here comes the real shocker to this observation of the pure bizarre. As the jet came in directly towards the light anomalies less than a quarter mile away these bands of light started moved slowly forward ahead towards us above. The ones in front [ 3 lights] dematerialized -like going through a invisible door. The rest still visible followed all within about 10 -15 seconds and vanished before our eyes- gone !

This happened as before the jet flew directly at them where they once were sitting. The jet flew right through the part of the sky where these bands once sat.

My coworker was totally in shock, as he went back inside the workplace. I stayed outside for another 10 minutes and witnessed nothing more.

I looked for the witness in our place of work. He was indeed in a DEEP state of shock. He did NOT want to talk about it ANY FURTHER what he witnessed with me. Even another coworker asked what happened to him? I responded jokingly that he saw a ghost.

One thing to note that the following work day on Monday -he could not talk. As if he lost his voice.

It was one of the strangest sightings I've ever witnessed.

Sorry it took this long to report this sheer paranormal sighting observed to you.

I truly believe this sighting confirms another type of "level" of higher intelligence.

ie Craft not included – as they did not appear solid but pure light.

In truth at the time I thought there was going to be a form of contact. I really have to question the timing of the jet 's presence witnessed, added with it's low altitude flight over my roof.

Who knew in the timing !

PLEASE NOTE: At the end of the day to go home there was another TYPE of intense white plasma light sighting directly above following me in my car.

This gets even more bizarre after work that day.


This SECOND sighting that I'm about to report to you.

Is obviously connected, as to complete two different sightings witnessed.

After work that day at 5:00pm EST to go home I was at the intersection of Birchmount Road and Comstock Road to make a left hand turn-north on Birchmount Road at about 5:10pm.

While sitting at the red light traffic light I looked up through my open sunroof to the sky, my mouth and nerves dropped of what I was witnessing.

The sky was blue, yet had haze high above. I could see a "blazing" of white light with no form like a large bright white shining star in the day.

It was very difficult to tell how high this type of plasma light was in elevation directly above me though I'd say 1000's of feet would to guess. It stuck out like a sore thumb in the sky-it was simply magnificent to witness. As well as very scary for one’s nerves to handle, it was like looking at a welder's torch.

As I watched in disbelief, a motorist next to me. He looked up to see what I was witnessing through his side window of the driver's side.

The traffic light then changed green and I made my left turn. I felt so pumped up with now experiencing this second sighting occurring directly overhead. Great now I'm being follow by a higher presence

I kept driving north to the next main intersection without looking up, as I was starting to shake with sheer fright. Then I stopped at the next main intersection light at Lawrence Ave/Birchmount at the red light. Curious, I looked up again through my sunroof. This blazing white intense light is still over me.

Yikes !! - I’m being followed what a feeling. I can tell you there is NO other TYPE feeling than this inside you happening to anyone described in observation. The fascination //excitement from the first sighting brought fright and uncertainty of being NOW followed going home happening here.

This was not a solid object or any KIND of light ever I had ever witnessed during the day.

After the traffic light changed green to go I never again looked up until I got home in Oshawa Ontario.

I have seen some strange objects/crafts and other strange paranormal activity throughout my life. But this TYPE of aerial display really had floored me unbelievable as it sounds in description. As I'm sure it would do to others emotionally if in my shoes as an OBSERVER to all this unknown aerial display.

I truly believe these two reports submitted to you today reveals that there are indeed "LEVELS" of HIGHER intelligence around our realm here.

Again to say it = craft NOT included.

Just pure light ~

If you or any field investigator can help OUT in this information-I'm open. I even feel a little shaky writing to you of that day remembered .

Attached are a couple of composites drawings of what was witnessed.

Sketch of first sighting

Sketch of second sighting

Also please note that Earth and Mars closeness in 60,000 years occurred on August 27,2003. I do wonder if there was some kind of connection to this surge in sightings witnessed 2003.

Boy, do I wish I had a camera that day!

Thanks once again for your interest.

Take care and enjoy

Paul Shishis

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