August 31st 2003

Barrie, Ontario

Date: August 31, 2003
Time: 12:30 a.m.
Mass Sighting

Tonight on September 2, 2003 I had a call from a gentleman who lives 30 minuets northwest of Barrie, Ontario.
The witness reported that he and his wife were driving out of Barrie on their way home and recorded the time as being 12:29 a.m./12:30 a.m. from the clock in their vehicle. The fellows wife was driving and he was in the passengers seat. As they drove along they suddenly were enveloped in a very high intense white light. The witnesses reported that the light was coming from behind them. The husband first thought it might have been a O.P.P. cruiser with their spot lights on. But they soon realized that it was something very unusual due to the light growing in size around there vehicle and the surrounding area. Also the couple mentioned it all took place very quickly, in approximately five seconds went by before the event was over.

The witness said the light was so intense that it lit up the whole hemisphere. They said from their location on the highway they had a beautiful view of the area and the whole sky was lit up. His wife who was driving looked into the outside rear mirror and observed an object coming up from behind them with three colored lights on it. (In the sky) His wife reports that the lights were orange, red and green in color. Also they added that the white light which engulfed their vehicle was so bright that they had a very hard time seeing where they were going. Also their were a number of cars on the highway at the time and everyone hit their brakes as the witnesses noted all of the car's brake lights came on. The fellow said their had to have been some 10 or 12 vehicles on the road at this time due to the long weekend.

Just as his wife glanced into the mirror and saw the three lights behind their car, there was an explosion of this bright intense light and then it disappeared. All the light was gone, and not a sound was heard throughout this whole event. They did mention to me that the vehicle's windows were rolled up and they were listening to music.

After the couple arrived home and started thinking about what just took place, they wondered if an aircraft had exploded as they were trying to make some sense of what they witnessed. He told me it was a clear night so know lightening was around. The fellow said they saw some neighbors sitting outside, so he went over and asked, did any of you see that bright light? All of the neighbors said yes, and commented what the heck was it. Others who were camping around the area also witnessed it. Pilots who were on the ground at the time, saw it. Also the T.V. and radio stations were reporting it as well and a number of area residents had called in reporting they saw this very bright light which lit up the whole sky.

Anyway gang, there is a lot more to come of this sighting. This is just the first of a few reports I will be making on this event.

Thank you to the witnesses for their report.

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