September 10th 2003

Barriere, British Columbia

Date: September 10, 2003
Time: 8:50 p.m.

I just posted a sighting report for September 3, 2003 which came from a witness who resides in Barriere, British Columbia. A witnessed watched a extremely large craft fly quickly overhead.

Just tonight I had a telephone call from the same folks. The man's wife was outside tending the farm animals and her husband was with her. He takes his video equipment with him on many occasions as he is a sky watcher and does catch some good footage of different things. He also caught some great footage of the forest fires which were burning in the Barriere area.

Tonight on September 10, 2003 at 8:50 p.m. the couple heard a sound coming from the north, when they looked towards that area of the sky they saw a bright white light heading directly in their direction and it passed soundless over top their farm. Both stood speechless ! They looked again towards the north where they could still hear the sound coming from, which at this point was growing louder and louder as it approached their location. Seeing the fellow was so shocked to see what just went over top of them, meaning a large silent bright white light, he never thought to "try" to take a bit of footage. But he did say the white moved very quickly and was soon out of their line of sight due to the surrounding area. But as the sound from "something" else drew closer and at this point was at the edge of the farm, he started rolling video tape and was surprised to see two large military helicopters fly low over head. He said I don't know what one would call the make of the helicopters, but the two of them were really large and flying in the same direction the light was heading. The witness also told me he has good equipment for his camera and did catch the two helicopters on film. (The footage will be making it's way to me as soon as he can get a copy made up).

(HBCC UFO Note: Due to myself knowing there is a fire in that area, I asked if the aircraft the witnesses saw were anywhere near the fire. The fellow said the helicopters were not even close to the area where the fire is burning. The fire is burning way up on the Bonaparte area and the two helicopters should have been way west of these peoples farm. I also asked one of the witnesses if he knew of any helicopters flying at night due to the fire activity in the area. He said he knew of none flying at night. He did say the run of the mill helicopters are seen a lot during the daylight hours but no military helicopters have been seen in the area. He also added there are military personal in the area and many of us would have heard of this on the news. There are a good number of Canadian troops on the ground fighting these awful fires through the province. I also asked the witness how bad was the fire in the area, and he told me it wasn't bad at all. (There is a bit of important information I cannot give out as it could lead back to one of these witnesses. This bit of information is key to knowing what is flying and isn't). Something else which stuck me as odd. A shor time ago the media, along with the general public were at one location taking pictures of the forest fire. I was told the RCMP showed up and took everyone's film away from them.

I also have heard from people in the Vernon area that the military is buzzing around. Matter of fact the witnesses in Vernon, B.C. said it was if they were on some kind of alert.

I telephoned the Kamloops airport tower just after I talked with the witness, but the airport operations were closed for the night as all I got was an answering machine telling me the hours they operated in. So I will be calling them back first thing in the morning to see if I can get any information on aircraft flying in that area at the time of the sighting. I will also try the Comox military base on Vancouver Island to see if they are flying military choppers in the Barriere area.

So what we have is a bright white light/object flying low over top of the witnesses farm, followed by two military helicopters following at a distance behind the soundless light.


I was just typing this report up, and in came another from Cranbrook, British Columbia and a number of people saw something very strange in the sky September 9, 2003. So I should have the information on this very soon and posted.

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I thought I would give you all a quick update on the Barriere, B.C. sighting in which I posted last night, and for the above date.

I had a long talk with an air traffic controller today, I asked if any aircraft were flying in the Barriere, B.C. area last night. He told me there was no aircraft of any kind that he was aware off. I also asked if aircraft do fly at times during the nighttime hours around the areas. he said yes, the RCMP and the B.C. Air Ambulance does fly when they are called on. Other than that things are very slow.

So last night there was no aircraft flying on September 10, 2003 around the time of the sighting, and there was none flying anytime afterwards throughout the night.

Funny how things work out, I have had some sort of not so good times chatting with tower folks, mainly due to them thinking I may be nuts because what I do. (maybe I am -:))). But he told me a good story, or report when he was at another airport which is close to me. A number of folks in the tower and a RCMP officer watched strange colored lights flying all over the sky one night. Everyone was baffled at what they were witnessing. The story goes on, but this gives an idea that we are not hearing a lot of information from people who should know what things are in the sky.

So the question still remains, what was the strange bright white light flying over the witnesses head last night, and why were there two helicopters following after when the tower has no information on anything flying on September 10, 2003 that night. Another mystery !

Take care

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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