UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Scarborough, Ontario

October 2nd 2003

Low Flying Round Black UFO Witnessed in Scarborough, Ontario

On October 2nd 2003 I was at work in western Scarborough, Ontario.

While on afternoon break outside having a smoke alone facing directly westward I noticed something black cross over from the main street from north to south. The distance would be approximately under 800 yards down my work street position.

As I stood there watching it travel quite low –200 feet max above the ground it moved from west to east on the south side of our street. So it did change course of direction –southward to westward. My eyes continued to be fixed on this odd small charcoal black object.

The speed maybe 10-20 MPH. It maintain altitude –no higher than 200 feet. Or maybe even as low 150 feet above the ground.

As the object drew closer directly across the street I became shocked of it's appearance as well obvious under some type of control.

The closest the object was away from my position would be about under one hundred yards so I had a very good look of this strange small black round object. It definitely was not a balloon.

As illustrated in the composite drawing in description from the top down to the bottom of this spherical black object it did appear to have seams like that of a parachute.

I stood there still shocked as it passed by heading eastward. It just continued moving east on a straight flight path. I lost visual due to the building it went over at maybe 30 -40 feet above the roof tops.

Based on the size of this thing being 2-3 feet in diameter I would categorize it as some type of probe. Even the possibility of it being military.

This sighting lasted about three – four minutes from start to finish.

This would be my second last daytime UFO sighting in 2003. Having over fourteen prior day light sightings –most being in the month of August 2003.

It is truly unbelievable of what I had witnessed when you add them up.

Paul Shishis

Drawing of object

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