October 21st 2003

Yukon near Mount McDonald

Date: October 21, 2003
Time: 3:00 a.m.

I received a report from Peter B. Davenport at the NUFORC (http://www.ufocenter.com/) as he thought I might like to look into this sighting report. I would like to thank him for allowing me to look into this case.

Original report from Peter:

While packing out on a sheep hunt in the Yukon Territory at 3:00 o'clock in the morning my guide and I saw a cluster of lights moving across the sky at about 20 degrees above the horizon. I told the guide here comes an airplane. He said "that is odd" because we were in the upper part of the Yukon near Mount McDonald and you do not see many airplanes there especially at 3 in the morning. Suddenly the cluster of light stopped dead still in the sky. It appeared to be about 3 miles away. Then it started darting around, up and down, then sideways. Then stopped again. We watched it for about 5 min then it darted around again, then stopped and held steady. Lights were red, blue and white. I viewed it through my rifle scope and it was a triangle of 12 lights. Lights were white through the scope and all of equal brightness. As we walked on we could see it for about 30 min. As we walked we entered some willows and lost sight of the object. When we came out it was gone. It was the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen.

Below Follow-up by HBCC UFO Research

HBCC UFO Research telephoned the witness to take a follow-up report from him. The witness is a VP with a major company and was a delightful gentleman to talk with. He began by telling me that he has never witnessed anything like what they saw on October 21, 2003 when they were near Mount McDonald in the Yukon. He went on to say he has never been witness to a UFO before. He told me he was very familiar with all different types of aircraft and what he saw that night was certainly no normal aircraft.

Whatever it was the two men saw that early morning certainly confounded them both and he said it was truly an unidentified flying object. The fellow felt the object was intelligently made due to the perfect shape of the lighting on the craft.

The night the men were walking out with the sheep they had got on the hunting trip, the witness said the northern lights were just beautiful. The aurora were dancing across the night sky changing all different colors, from turquoise to green, red and swirling all over the sky. Because the men were carrying a good sized load on their backs, they stopped every 15 minutes to have a short rest and as they sat they would look up at the sky to watch the amazing light show which was taking place above them.

While taking one of their breaks they noticed four stars in a row stretching out in a straight line across the sky running south to north. Both men thought this looked rather unusual as they had not noticed them before when they took their short break. The fellows never really gave it much more thought and continued to watch the northern lights until one of the four lights at the north end of the line flashed extremely bright. The guide said to his companion, did you see that? I was told it was just as if someone had used the flash on a camera, but many times brighter. Both of the men wondered what caused such a bright flash, thinking maybe it was a meteor burning up very quickly. All of a sudden the next star from the end flashed brightly, then the next, and the next until all four stars flashed an extremely bright light. After that, each of the points of light flashed only one time, and approx: 30 minutes later the men still moving slowly along, taking breaks when needed, the hunter noticed what he thought was an airplane coming in their direction from the north and moving slowly. The man I talked with said they weren't that far from the Artic Circle, only approx: 200 miles away. They were in the true wilderness.

At this point the guide said, this is really odd as I don't usually see aircraft up here at this time of night. Maybe a float plane during the daytime. The witness said from where they were located it looked like a cluster of lights because of the distance they were away from it at that time. As they watched the cluster of lights stopped dead in the sky and then started to dart around, moving sideways, up and down, and even traveling on a slight angle. All these maneuvers covered a large area in the sky. After the object carried out all these different types of movements it finally came back to the same spot in the sky and stopped again. After approx: 5 minutes went by, the object started moving again flying in a similar pattern. Both men looked at each other in shock at what they were seeing.

The hunter put his rifle scope on the object and could see it was a triangle in shape. He also said it wasn't an equal triangle, but it looked more like if you were looking at a Tee Pee. The gentleman said there were two lights which he figured were at the top point. These lights were fairly close together, as the triangle shaped object spread itself out, you were able to see two more lights about half way down the craft, still on the outside edge of it. When it came to the widest part of the triangle there were a number of lights running straight across the bottom edge of it. His impression was that the lights were forming the dimensions of a large craft of some kind. At the closest point the men were to the craft, they estimated the distance from them to the object was approx: 3 miles away. Also the craft was approx: 20 to 30 degrees above the horizon. No sound could be heard, mind you the fellow said there was a small river running close to them. As for the size of the object, he estimates it may have been close to the size of a 747 airliner. Also the witness noted that the lights seen on the object were red, blue and white in color. Also noted was how the lights moved....all together in a triangle formation.

Due to the men wanting to keep moving along as the packs were heavy with meat and other supplies, they would travel through willows, etc. and at this time would lose sight of the object for a short period. When they cleared the forested area the object could still be observed. The fellows still traveling along through the bushes and when they came to another cleared area, they looked and the craft was gone. The man told me now when he thinks back on it, he wished he had sat and watched it until it moved off. But due to them walking all night with loads on their backs and still had approx: an hour to get back to the horse and then another 2 hour horse ride back to camp... they thought it best to continue.

The fellow said this was an amazing experience.

HBCC UFO is also trying to contact the guide to gather more information on this event.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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