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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

December 2003 - February 2004 : Vernon, British Columbia

Vernon, British Columbia Strange UFO Sightings Continue In Vernon

Date: December 2003 - February 2004

Hi Brian, This was the winter when Venus was bright in the sky, and setting before the sun in an incandescing orange and white. I reported it to Brian, but the UFO fever had overtaken me and I would not believe that Venus could do so many things. It took quite a while before I realized the error of my ways. However, while I was riveted on Venus, I was also sighting other things.

I had entered the UFO time zone, which is to say, I was very focused on Venus's movements and forgot to eat, bundled up for the cold to stay outside on the balcony, and bruised my eyes with the binoculars. The nights were cold winter and dark, the sightings were usually over by eight at night. I did this for several weeks. This is when the orbs had begun to fly over Vernon, low over the airport and vicinity. I had also noticed many small aircraft flying up and down the lake heading to Kelowna, coming back, turning around and heading back to Kelowna.

One night an orb, rose over the hill from the lake, moving into town. It stopped mid air. Then the orb morphed into an orange ball, morphed back into a light orb, and then back to the orange ball and then two headlights appeared, I could not see anything other than these two headlights and a red light above and to the left of the headlights. This was very exciting! The headlights hovered there for a few moments, then turned in the direction of the lake, and flew that way. It was not like a plane flying, I noticed that this vehicle just glided and no noise.

Now the orbs had my full attention. So I bundled up warmer and stayed on the balcony for longer times. One night, I watched Venus set around six, and as it set, a moving shadow flowed down the hill from the exact spot that Venus had vacated. For some reason I could see the shape of this shadow, sort of like a Sting ray fish shape. The vehicle coasted down, over the lake, over the houses and into the valley to the left of the airport, or south in direction.

I began to sleep during the days now, as my full attention was on the sky and what was unfolding. From my post on the balcony, I now recognized what was actually flying up and down the lake, racing each other. There were about four that I could count for sure. One night, on the balcony waiting for something to show itself, my attention was drawn up and to my left. What I saw was a huge shadow, then people sitting in windows coasting by like a train in the dark, only this was a triple decker train and flying under three hundred feet. It coasted over head very slowly, went up to the Army Camp and down into the valley. While I was trying to rationalize this,(couldn't) two headlights appeared over the hill out of the valley. The headlights shone on me, they did not blind me like car headlights, there was no glare, only light. What I noticed was the headlights spanned a sixty foot house that it was flying over and the wings covered two blocks. It was about eighty feet over the neighborhood.

It suddenly, dropped its right wing, pivoted a 180 and coasted back to the valley behind. In the lights from the streets and houses, I could definitely make out the shape of this air ship. The body was black and no light reflected off the body. The body is shaped like an arrow, with the tip cut off. The body was smooth, and again the Sting ray fish shape and smoothness comes to mind. It made no sound. The headlights themselves appeared to be over twenty feet high and were placed on each side of the flat front before the wings. I had alot to reflect on. This was a serious upheaval in my reality, Venus had lost its appeal.

After that, I saw the small craft once in a while and things were quiet, with the light orbs coming around and close. This sighting was upstaged later by the same huge vehicle. It was a night when the small planes pilots were getting their night time license and there were a few in the air around six thirty pm a January night.

From the lake rose a ship that I described as lit up like a Christmas tree with golden lights. These were the three decks of windows from the front to the back. Because the body does not reflect light, it appeared that just strings of golden yellow lights were rising.

The ship rose less than a thousand feet and slowly floated over the airport. The upper lights could no longer be seen from the ground, but three huge flat white lights came on under the ship. Each oval light was forty feet in length, ( or something like that, I was beyond excitement ) The small ships also were gathering around this ship, as it moved again toward the Army Camp where I lost sight of the whole parade heading south. For a couple of weeks, I sighted a few more orbs, and one ship during the evening light and then things stopped. It did take me some time to integrate this, planes and cars held no interest for me anymore after seeing and experiencing these events.

It was around the summer when I began to dream of being in the small ships with others slumped over in their seats, and feeling lucky to be half conscious to be able to remember. The flight went straight up and came straight down, I braced my feet against the wall ahead of me coming down, and I was belted in for safety. But this is for another report. Take care Brian.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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