March 7th 2004

Location: edmonton,alberta,canada

Date: March, 7,2004. Later in the evening, very dark out, approx, 10:40 - 11:00pm.

Approach Direction: south

Departure Direction: north

Witness Direction: west

Description: it was dark, we were facing west when we saw from the sky out of now where really, a very bright greenish streak in the sky. It was like a green fire ball with a tail of green and bluish color.it was traveling vey fast and seemed to have picked up speed as it continued to travel what looked like to the ground. what i mean is, this thing was up above the tree lines to our left and it travelled downwards towards the right treeline and then out of our sight. we stood still with our mouths open trying to hear a crash or something. on the other side of the tree lines is whitemud crossing and how this object managed to travel at exceeding speeds while decling downward to earth makes this situation even more preculaur that there was no crash and no large amount of eyewitnesses. my friend and i assumed that it was ameteor burning up. he even lol suggesting it was garbage in the sky. either was we have no idea as to what we saw but we do know that we saw what we did.

Color/Shape: greenish, blue, very bright,about the size of a hand in length. about a pinky or a bit less in width when at arms reach. it travelled very fast. the front part (right side) was brighter and lead it, it seemed like. the middle wasnt as bright and the end part looke like it was a tail of light coming from it.

Height & Speed: the height was an approx. an inch and 1/2 or more. it was goimg very fast, how fast i cannot tell you. we did see it for only a few split seconds. maybe 3-5 seconds. it rushed by

TV/Radio/Press: we heard of nothing reported. that was until today. august, 25, 2005. it was by complete fluke that i came across this web site and out of curiousity i started searching for anything spotted on or around that day. And OMG, there is an entry from some one who saw what my friend and i saw. However thay were in stonyplain-spruce grove, on highway 16. if you continue to travel on that highway you enter edmonton which leads and connects with whitemud crossing. now there are more witnesses who observed the same thing, the same night at approx the exact same time. could you please refer them to my email or possible get in touch with them to notify them of me please. i am extremely excited and mystified as to what we all saw. also if you have ever learnt as to what we saw in the sky i would be interested in hearing.


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