April 5th 2004

Name: Hailburg

Location: I live in Stony Plain Alberta. I Spotted A U.F.O Coming Inword to Stony Plain and probably came as close as The main street in stony here.

Date: It Spotted this craft On Monday April.5 2004. At about 10:30PM

Approach Direction: It was coming from the west into stony plain.

Departure Direction: After Flying around for about Two minits It then headed south very quickly and with out a sound.

Witness Direction: I was Standing on my deck facing west.

Description: It was about 10:30 PM and I went out side and started to shoot a tennis ball in my back yard with my dog. Then I Glanced up into space in a westernly direction, when I noticed this odd Ship type thing. It had three lights One Red, One green, and the other white. But This Object all of a sudden turned on this really bright white light and it looked like just a flying glowing white ball. Now it was comen in from the west and probably came in as far as over main street. As i said befor it turned on a really bright white light. it stopped probably just over main street then began shifting left and roght probably about one hundred yards north then about one hundred yards left. it did this a a few consecutive times. It then turned of this really bright white light and i only saw Three lights, Red, green, and white. and it was just hovering there for probably about 30 seconds. It then turned on this really bright white light again and flew up really high probably about one hundred feet in a diagonal direction.Then it turned off the light and sped away really fast off south and it vanished. And usually if you see a plane like really high up and far away you can here them there loud but this Object that i saw was closer than any flying plane around here and it didnt make a sound.

Color/Shape: It had three lights Red Green And white lights in a Triangle form. And it then turned on a really bright light and it just looked like a big white floating ball of light.

Height & Speed: It was proabably about 200 or 250 feet in the air. and it seemed to have shifted speeds. Like all of a sudden it would go pretty fast to left for a while then slow down then hover for a second ot two then went pretty fast to the right and did so for about 30 seconds as i stood there amazed.

TV/Radio/Press: No but i told one of my friends about it and he said that he was watching it for a little bit also and he didnt no what it was.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/040405.shtml