May 9th 2004

Name: M.M.

Location: Robson Street, Vancouver BC, CANADA

Date: May 9, aprox 11pm in Downtown Vancouver, May 10th 8-9pm in Delta

Approach Direction: It was still facing North both times.

Departure Direction: it was still, floating it seemed like, I thouh my eyes were playing tricks on me that it was moving, then it remained perfectly still.

Witness Direction: facing South

Description: First night, I saw three stars that formed a triangle, the triangle was a very deep dark gray while the surrounding sky was pitch black, there was another smaller (could be depth perseption) triangular, 3 star like ship (facing north) but positioned more East.

the next day (in delta, on Mother's day) I was leaving my aunt's house and the the sky was still light out, but the stars were clearly visible, I pointed them out to my family, my aunt became uncomfortable looking at them and we al said our good byes, she noted outloud that the looked like the were floating, I agreed..they seemed to float as if the wind was carying them.

Color/Shape: at night, a very dark grey-black triangle. in light, just three stars with the tip star as the brightest.

Height & Speed: no idea, but the first sightin I felt as tho it was hovering over the building behind me maybe a couple hundred feet (total guess) it felt very very close.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/040509.shtml