May 14th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: walnutgrove langley b.c. canada

Date: 14 may 2004 local time at around 6:10 pm i could be wrong about the day but i think it was a sunday

Approach Direction: it was one object heading roughly 050 north east

Departure Direction: we lost sight of it in the clouds still heading 050

Witness Direction: i was facing north

Description: i was in my front yard watching a helicopter circling our house.and it came to a hover,thats when i noticed a strange looking object up about 5000 ,heading about 050,what i saw was some sort of machinery,there was no noise coming from it,and it seemed to be drifting,it had a round shape on the bottom,and above that a tube that connected to smaller round objects above it,if it was a balloon the bigger round part should have been on top,but with this thing the smaller round objects were on top,it was almost like some sort or machinery platform,i always thought ufos were a sauser shape,and because of its shape,i thought it was some sort of manmade machinery,but we don't have any machines that can float in the air with no noise it was the kind of thing i thought about after i saw it,and i thought what was that,my daughter saw it as well,i wish i would have had a pair of field glasses.the helicopter was looking at the object as well,i don't know why he diden't fly closer,but he was only up about 1000 ,my wife noticed a news crew around the area about the same time as well ,it could be the helicopter called it in.

Color/Shape: the color was dark grey it looked like a giant tongue ring, two balls with a stick in between.

Height & Speed: at about 5000 ft heading northwest at ruffly 050 degrees

TV/Radio/Press: we dont know but there was a film crew out there and a helicopter looking at it.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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