May 19th 2004

Ottawa, Ontario

Date: May 19, 2004
Time: 21h50 to 23h40

Witnesses: 2
Shape: Triangle/ V shape.
Sky: Pretty clear.

I saw lots of things since my childhood but yesterday was quite remarkable. I went to get my son in the South East of Ottawa and saw a big light, low above the city, lower than a jet a bit higher than a Cessna. I thought it was a star but when I parked my car, I then realized it was too low and moving in a up and down motion going toward NW. I watched it from my car trough small trees with my binocular, I did not get out of the car being in a parking lot, I did not want to get too much attention... After ten to 15 minutes my son arrived. I showed him the light and told him we would follow it. I was drawn by this thing.

Needless to say that my son was too. I drove North, trying not to loose it. We got on Industrial blvd direction West , We could see it going lower and further away. We decided that the best lookout was the Rockcliffe (Higher point to look over Hull and Gatineau) one since this thing was going to cross the river. Trying to get there fast, we ended up wasting time trying to find a shortcut to get to the lookout. From the lookout, using binocular 35X 7-21, we watched it for at least ten minutes. It must have been around 10:30 at the time.

The "Light" was over the city of Gatineau still moving in a NW direction. It was not perfectly round, it looked like a pinkish/orange crescent from where we were. We stayed there for about another ten minutes and we decided to pursue it . We got onto the Mc Donald Cartier bridge and followed the 50 direction Montréal. We could not see it for a few minutes and then we realized it was gone. After a few minutes of driving on the 50, we saw (Not sure if this is the same light or if these were two different thing?!) a pale orange light low over Ottawa in a South East direction, kind of where we were standing before crossing the river!!! I decided to take blvd de l'aéroport exit and drove south toward Maloney blvd. The light was getting bigger, coming toward us from Ottawa over the river. My son started to freak out, I did not since we were now heading toward the core of Gatineau.

I turned on Maloney direction West and I could see it coming from the West now, heading toward us. I drove for a minute then got in a parking lot( Small Shopping Centre). The traffic on the road for that time was usual. I jumped out of the car and saw the big light turning bright white, as it got closer. There was a bigger light in the middle of two small lights, one on each side. No green or red lights like regular planes and no flashing light either. To add to the mystery, no noise at all. I don't know if it was the city noises burying it's sound but if a regular plane would have been there at the same place, we would have heard something !? We live close to the Ottawa Airport so we are very familiar with usual civil planes... It crossed the blvd going in a South East direction and as it turned it's side to cross over the street, my son kept yelling this is not a plane!

He was spooked! I was totally fascinated, I had my hair standing up all over my body and I taught it was wonderful, it (I know this will sound weird) seemed to change shape as it was crossing over the blvd, I could not see the shape very definitely but it was kind of weird, a red light appeared and we could see a small white light trailing this massive black shape unfolding in front of our eyes. I vaguely saw that it was very huge and still can't tell the exact shape of the side. It was so close that it seemed unreal to see this. It was, I think within one Km from us flying toward the ground, like in approach for landing. The only airport close by in this direction was the Museum of aviation on the other side of the river. I can't tell if it was really over it or not but it seemed really close. Then as it was now going toward the ground, it turned straight for us in a slow wide turn revealing it's top and then it's front. At that moment, I yelled too! This was no civil plane, no doubt, we saw a V shape. My legs began to soften as my brain was analyzing and concluding we might not be safe there... The V was flat and wide, and I could see on each branch a row of white lights.

I can't really say how many, I think it was five or six on each side, they looked like fluorescent tubes side by side, except that these were separated so it looked like tiny rectangles aligned side by side in a black frame. I don't remember seeing the thickness of the shape, at that moment, I taught this might be what people call a "Black Triangle" Then it slowly continued it's turn toward west and we lost it because it was too low. I decided to get out of there. For a second, I did not believed, it was unreal and at the same time too real and way too close! As I drove West on Maloney, I think I saw it kind of hovering close to the ground near a wooded area in the back of a big Industry, aligned with Kettle Island and with the Museum of Aviation on the other side of the river. At that point, it was very overwhelming for both of us. I should have called the police, I know, but I was afraid to do so. We drove home in Ottawa South and did not see anything after that but planes. I wish I had a camera, this would have been a heck of a footage!

Thank you to the person for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/040519b.shtml