May 26th 2004

West St. Paul, MB
26 May 2004, 2:55 am

The witnesses were travelling south on Hwy 9 at Rivercrest. To the east (their left) they saw a huge light in the sky towards Transcona. They stopped the car, and pulled over to watch. The object was brilliant white, and had a red light going around its midsection. As they watched, the object began moving erratically in the sky, without a straight course. When it began moving towards them, they got back in the car and drove off. The object appeared to be chasing them as they drove towards Winnipeg. At one point, the object seemed to be very close to them, just over the treeline. It flew over top of their car and took up a position behind them. The object made no noise. When flying near them, the object "looked like a frisbee." The object then flew off to the west towards St. James. When they drove from Winnipeg to Headingley about 20 minutes later, they thought they saw the object in the east, hovering over the city. Investigation is continuing.

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