June 6th 2004

Winnipeg, MB
6 June 2004,10:30 pm

A group of people were gathered in Crocus Park in Transcona to watch some fireworks that were scheduled. Facing W, towards city, they saw an object like "a little fluffy oval cloud" moving in circles. The weather was very windy, with a storm front moving in from the W. (The fireworks were canceled.) The object moved downward in a circle, quivered, returned to the top, and repeated its movement several times. It then began circling to the left. The witnesses strolled over to other people and they were watching the object as well. The group then began walking home. While walking for about half an hour, the object seemed to "follow" them or keep pace with them, causing them fright. Many people watched it as they were walking home from the park. The witnesses then got into a car, and the object again seemed to follow them as they drove. The total duration was about 2 hours. The witnesses insisted they had never seen anything remotely resembling the object and insisted it was not a searchlight from the nearby casino.

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