June 8th 2004

Disc-Shaped UFO Swoops Over Winnipeg 'Oz Factor'?

A very unusual Close Encounter with possible "Oz factor" experiences reported by the witnesses was reported to me last night. Here's the account:

Winnipeg, MB
June 8, 2004
3:30 am

Two people were delivering early-morning newspapers in south- central Winnipeg when they saw a bright light moving in the sky, apparently approaching them. As they were placing newspapers in sidewalk boxes, the witnesses were shocked to see the object noiselessly fly over their car and come to a stop, hovering only "three or four stories high" above them. As they dropped off their papers, the object "shot off to the west" and disappeared from sight. The two witnesses quickly got in their car and drove away to another newspaper box location less than a kilometre away. As they delivered their next bundle, they were terrified to see an "oblong" object with white lights moving around its middle rise up from the ground behind a heavily treed area and begin to fly towards them.

"It was definitely not a plane or anything else," one witness exclaimed. "I saw it very clearly, and it was something very strange."

The object made no noise as it swooped over their car. In fact, the witnesses noted that their surroundings had taken on a very eerie character, as there were no other cars on the streets, and not even a single pedestrian walking a dog.

"Usually, we see some sporadic traffic, even at this hour," a witness said. "But there was absolutely no one around at all. It was like a ghost town in the middle of the city."

They drove and parked their car at an all-night coffee shop and ran into the store as the object flew over the building. They convinced the proprietor to go outside with them and take a look, but when they came out, the object had retreated and was now only a bright light in the distance. After a short while, the two original witnesses calmed down and continued on their rounds.

About an hour later, as they were delivering more papers, they looked up to see "a strange plane" with no windows fly slowly overhead, making an odd whirring noise. They saw two more unusual aircraft flying in the sky, and then, "suddenly, everything changed and there were other cars around, people walking and ordinary planes were flying over us."

The witnesses were very frightened by their experience, and could not sleep well during the day after their night shift. They eventually contacted CFB Winnipeg later in the evening, and were referred to UFOROM.

Investigation continuing.

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