June 20th 2004

Windsor, Ontario Red Lights

Date: June 20, 2004
Time: 12:15 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 4
Shape of objects: Balls of red light.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was star-gazing with my boyfriend in his back yard. We were facing east and looking at the portion of the sky where the Northern Cross lies (at least I think that's its official name). It was a very clear night, and prior to our UFO sighting we saw what my boyfriend says were satellites. I also saw a shooting star as well.

It was just after midnight (I'm not sure exactly what time because neither of us had a watch on), when all of a sudden four balls of red light coming from the south darted across the sky in front of us. They slowed down to a stop, made right-angled turns to the east and then disappeared. They were not flying close together but were spread apart. I started to laugh as they slowed to a stop because I couldn't believe that they were actually flying in "military V formation"!! Well, it wasn't an exact "V" but it was close. The whole incident lasted about 10-15 seconds at most.

Additional Information below:

Hi Brian.

This is the first time I have ever seen a UFO. It's the kind of thing you read about but never expect to experience. I heard your interview with Whitley Strieber a while back and that's why I went to your site to report it. The red lights did not flash at any time. Like I said, the whole incident happened very quickly. But when they stopped in the air, I could have sworn that there was a solid red light in the centre with sort of a hazy ring of red light around that centre. And this might sound strange, but the only word that comes to mind when I want to describe them is "translucent". I did not notice any other colours.

I remember seeing one small plane in the area around that time. We do live under a flight path that heads towards Detroit Metro Airport, and have our own local airport as well. However, the direction these objects came from, and headed towards, was definitely not the same flight path. The only other objects in the sky were the satellites. The first satellite I saw (and the lone shooting star) followed that same flight path.

The question of height is a hard one to answer but I'll try. As I said in my report the objects were spread out from each other in what seemed like the full length of the Northern Cross -- at first anyway. When they first appeared I would have to say they were closer to the height of a small winged plane, maybe lower. When they stopped and turned they were about the height of a jet liner. I'd have to say that the objects were about the size of my thumbnail. If these objects were parts of one object, well then we must have been standing on an airport runway directly under a jet liner as in was about to touch down. I hope that makes sense. I hope that my answers were helpful and thank you for responding to my report. If you need any clarification on my answers don't hesitate to ask.

Additional Information: Witness # 2

Ok.. a little background. I've been into astronomy at an amateur level for years. I can name most major constellations, I've seen everything from satellites, bolides, meteorites and an actual meteor that entered the atmosphere and broke up. I also have been into military history and aviation. I've always played flight simulators as long as they've been available to the public. I live near the Riverside Decent area for Detroit Metro Airport. I was getting my pilots license for a while but never finished. I also live right under our Windsor Airports major ILS approach. So I see every type of aircraft day and night.

I've also seen every type of aircraft you can imagine at air shows including both stealth aircraft etc, and I have been interested in UFO's for years. I've got many books, however I've never really been a "true" believer until last night.

It was finally the first clear cool night to look at the stars so I took (name removed) into the back yard to sit and look at the stars. Finally it was clear enough to at least spot some major constellations. The light pollution near Detroit is horrible. Generally you cannot see satellites from my area. Also for a change there was no air traffic in the area. Most of the time you can point out at least 2-3 high level planes 20-30k.

When we first went outside she said she saw a light moving across the sky.. I looked but could not see it.. We both have jokingly said we wanted to see a UFO for weeks and here was our chance. I told her she was seeing things and joked with her again. However I didn't realize how much better her eyesight was :)

We sat down and she spotted another light moving near the Northern Cross.. I finally got the binoculars out and saw it. I tracked it moving from north to south across the Northern Cross. It was at a constant rate of speed, that which was consistent with a satellite. From that point we saw several of them all white in color just like a star moving around in straight patterns. I was pleased to get a nice view for a change. We focused our attention on that part of the sky for most of the night.

Then we were just looking up and a star that was stationary just started to move out of the blue.. I was thinking this was weird. It then moved across the sky and then disappeared. Most satellites will continue to move and will seem to slow as they move towards the horizon. This one just disappeared. We both were like wow that was cool. I jokingly told her to meditate and tell the UFO's to give us a show. (Since I read allot into UFO abductions and I know a few people who've had close encounters I know a bit about the subject.. She admitted to me she's had some weird dreams in the past and I've suspected she could be an abductee). So she sat silent and we joked again .. I told her to tell them "I want to believe" etc etc.. We were both wishing to see some real UFOs and sharing a nice romantic moment.

Then 2 minutes later out of the blue I saw 3 reddish lights. They were really high altitude just like satellites. Moving WAY faster than satellites. 2 of the 3 of them converged on each other in a... intelligent fashion I'd have to say. They started out to the right of the Northern Cross (looking east it would be coming from the South) and moved toward Deneb.. when all 3 arrived in formation they TURNED at a 90 degree angle almost seemed to stop and then shot off toward the east. My girlfriend said she saw 4 of them. I only saw 3 because I was mainly in shock as seeing the 2 of them converging into a formation.

It was like a turning point in my life. I've seen video footage of behavior like that before, like during the Shuttle mission where it looked like they were shot at from the ground etc and other footage of the night sky. It was just like that.

The stars were maybe a tad bigger than stars but they were not big. The color would be best described at crimson. This wasn't a triangle craft or anything like that. It was separate objects in formation closing in on each other.. arriving then shooting off in another direction. It happened all in 5 seconds. The lights were constant, and not blinking.

After all these years of watching the skies and never being rewarded.. I finally have seen something I cannot explain. The next night (last night) I took her out into the country an hour away and we sat and watched the stars on a great night again.. to see if they'd come out again. We saw many many shooting stars, satellites .. but nothing out of the ordinary. Some of the satellites seemed to slow down and wobble left to right but I figured it has something to do with the proximity to the stars they were passing by. One satellite amazed us both. It moved in an exact straight line, but it blinked on and off very slowly but regularly. I've never seen a satellite do that. This blinked on for 2 seconds.. then off for 2 seconds. It seemed to move faster than normal. But I still figure its a Satellite.

Sorry if I'm rambling on. It was finally something to validate all the years of reading. Maybe we are not alone!!! (and I highly doubt the US Gov has gotten this far this soon).

Let me know if you have any more questions. Damn it was 5 seconds of glory.. now I wish I had a closer more vivid encounter.. Just as long as they don't pick us up ! :)

Thank you to the witnesses for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/040620.shtml