June 21st 2004

Houston, B.C. Object Spotted Around Thunder Cloud

Date: June 21, 2004
Time: 3:29 p.m.

HBCC UFO Note: The only reason I am filing the sighting report below is due to receiving conformation that what I saw on June 21, 2004 was also witnessed by a couple who live just west from Houston, B.C.

We have had some extremely hot weather here in Houston, B.C., each day, starting in the afternoon we have had lighting and thunder storms roll in. Today the forecast is for the same.

On June 21, 2004 at approx: 3:29 p.m. I sat close to the window as I love watching this light show take place (rather not see it due to the fires it causes), but since we have no choice I sit and watch. The forked lighting was just incredible to see. One large thunder cloud which was at a distance away, all white and fluffy as it rose up into the air, gray near the bottom. I observed a black object sitting just outside of the fluffy white cloud. It wasn't a bird that I am sure of. I watched it maybe for 15 seconds before running to grab the binoculars. When I got back it has disappeared. For the brief time I was able to observe the object, it sat stationary "just" outside the cloud. So what it was, I don't know, but the object was certainly strange looking.

Today, I took my usual drive to the local shopping mall to pick up my postal mail. I needed some bread and milk so I walked into the local grocery store, and when I was heading for the milk section of the store, I heard a voice call me. I turned around and found a man and his wife walking towards me. The couple introduced themselves as I did not know them. He had heard that there was a UFO investigator living in Houston and when he saw the HBCC UFO Research logo on my sweatshirt he figured this had to be the guy.

The witnesses said on June 21, 2004 they were outside mending a fence on there property, the fellows wife was constantly looking up at the sky due to them hearing thunder rolling across the sky, plus she was a little nervous. She noticed a large thunder cloud in the distance in which she could hear claps of thunder coming from, so she had her attention trained onto this large cloud. The lady told me she again looked up at it and saw what appeared to be a disk shaped object. The woman thought it really odd so she tapped her husband on the head and at the same time telling him to look. Both stood watching the black colored object. The couple told me the object looked almost flat, but only once did they see it maneuver/tilt where it was on an angle which showed the circular shape of it. There were no lights, nothing really, just the blackened craft. It was to far away from them to hear any sound they said. The fellows wife said it was really weird because she had just looked at the same cloud not a minute or so before she noticed the black object, and there was nothing there at that time. Both figured they observed it for approx: one minute before it moved into the cloud and disappeared.

The couple said they have never seen anything so strange and certainly had not seen a unknown like this before.

Thank you to the witnesses for there report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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