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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 2004 : Scarborough, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Scarborough. Ontario

Date: On or around July 2004

Time: 11pm-12am

Number of witnesses: Myself only

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Bright orb

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: I am from Maple Ridge, BC but while living in Toronto Ontario at my uncles for a year in 2004 I saw what I think to be a UFO when visiting my parents in West Hill, Ontario a small community in Scarborough on the East Toronto city limits.. I was standing on the bluffs smoking a cigar after a nice late walk. I gazed out into to the lake. What I thought was a shooting star saw swoop down and disappear below the fog far out into lake Ontario maybe several football fields possibly a 1000 or so metres. I began to think wow what an amazing shooting star. Then a glow came from the fog and a instantaneous shooting light the orb shot out from what a believe was the lake and into the sky and disappeared. I was very shocked and scared I walked back to my grandparents house very quickly. I only realised after that many people reported seeing UFO's around this area of the pickering power plant.


Additional information:

Thank you for the web site and the submission response. I think its no secret anymore what's going on and only a matter of time maybe within the next 100 years concrete proof gets out to the public. Likely in the form of a WORLD WIDE close encounter of the 4th kind. Hopefully just not a hostile one. However it does make sense why all the governments of the world are covering it up (its likely majority of the visitors are hostile) however I am sure there is more than several species visiting us and some of them must be friendly.

My sighting was very scary but almost in a shocking creepy kind of way. I just couldn't believe something could move so quickly and look so bizarre, and the maneuvers were out of this world. Its almost like it took a drink of the look and then spat off into space.

I remember there was several young people in the park romancing that night. Its possible though they were not looking over the bluffs while I was though.

One thing I know for sure they seem to be interested in nuclear activity if you notice from research there is a lot of sighting at power plants and bases the hold isotopes and place that process isotopes.

However there has also been a rash of sightings in Maple Ridge, BC a lot of people here have seen weird stuff in the sky. There was a lot of ufo sightings in 2007. Personally I have never seen a ufo in Maple Ridge but have heard a lot of stories, and while I was a kid I used to have constant dreams I was floating as did a lot of people I know.

Thanks and have a good weekend...