July 2nd 2004

Name: Neil Harper

Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Date: July 2nd, 2004 apprx time 10:30pm PST

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: None

Witness Direction: East

Description: I now live in Nanaimo, which is roughly 40 km South of Coombs... On or about July 2nd just before a very large full moon rose in the South (causing some 20 year record-low tides) I saw two ball-like objects low in the sky to the East (towards the city of Vancouver BC) and either above Newcastle Island (a small island very close to my home, it's Western shore literally within swimming distance) or perhaps just beyond the Eastern side of the island.... the objects were side by side, stationary, and flashing red and white and perhaps faintly blue (or maybe just a very bright blue-white light with red?)... I was leaving my home in my car, and started down the steep hill of the street I live on when they caught my attention... I was so intrigued by the lights that I stopped my car on the hill and got out to see them better. My first reaction was that I was seeing two aircraft with their spotlights on, coming in for a landing (however the airport is at least 10 km South of me) or perhaps they were seaplanes which do land in the water just south of my location... however I quickly realized this was not the case as I noticed the objects were completely stationary... after approx. 2 minutes, the light on the right simply faded out (did not drop over the treeline such as a military parachute flare) and the other pulsating/flashing light remained for at least another 3 mins... I pointed the objects out to a man who was walking his dog on the cross street just below me, and he could also see the objects.. he stood and watched as well, and also suggested the two aircraft theory. I pointed out to him that they had been stationary for the past few minutes, and he continued to watch. Within another 40 seconds or so, this object too just faded out as if being slowly extinguished... what the hell was that??

Color/Shape: Two bright blue white lights side by side about as bright as large spotlights (like in the movies) that were interspersed with red flashing lights. It was dificult to guess how far apart they were from each other, as I could not really tell how distant they were, but I would guess maybe 50 feet apart.

Height & Speed: The objects were absolutely staionary and did nor decend like flares, and were definitely not aircraft, as there was no sound (although I live in a heavy traffic area) that I could discern. The highest point of newcastle Island that I could see these objects over (or beyond)is approximately 80 feet above sea level and I was viewing the objects from approximately 100 feet above sea level. I would estimate the altitude to be either 150 feet ASL if they were close up or 500 feet ASL if they were more distant than they appeared.

TV/Radio/Press: My room-mate works for a paging service, and told me that there were several calls coming in about odd sightings on the sky. I was unable to pinpoint any specific informationon the kinds of sightings that were being reported.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/040702a.shtml