July 2nd 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report:

Name: On File

Location: Sauble Beach, Ontario Canada

Date: Date: Friday July 2

Time: Approx. 11 pm

Description: My wife and I took our 3 1/2 year old daughter on a long holiday weekend vacation to the Bruce Peninsula. On our first day of the trip we stopped in Sauble Beach and rented one of the many small cabins in town just a few blocks from the beach.

Our child asleep, at about 10:30 my wife was inside taking a shower and I stepped out into the small yard to smoke a cigarette. Since I m from Detroit and not usually able to see many stars, I found myself gazing up at the night sky. It was very clear and quite a nice view. Coming from the southeast what I at first thought was a plane in the night sky caught my eye. At first, the light pattern seemed to me to be of a normal plane there were three main lights, a red one on the front and one green and one blue on the back, forming a triangle.

Earlier in the day when we were on the beach I had seen a jet high in the sky coming from almost due west. I had pointed it out to my wife, assuming that it must be heading to Ottawa or Montreal. Thinking back to this I began to realize that what I was seeing didn t make sense as an ordinary plane. For starters, it was flying much lower than that commercial craft and I couldn t think of any major airport in the area that would explain a descent.

While I can t judge the actual height of the craft, it was low enough that it seemed odd that there was no sound. I was sure it wasn t a small private plane for it had none of the jerky characteristics and at that height would have been immediately recognizable by the sound and probably a spotlight of some sort.

Then, for a second or two, the glow of moonlight revealed the body of the craft and it appeared to be solid, triangular, but possibly saucer-like in shape. It just seemed very solid, and the way it moved, while not erratic or fast, made me feel that it was something I had never seen before. Putting things together in my head, there was something in that moment that made me believe that there was a real possibility I was seeing something out of the ordinary.

I had been watching for probably 20 seconds at this point. And while the craft had been on a methodical trajectory at a steady speed, I was afraid it would suddenly be gone if I ran inside to get my wife.

As it came almost directly overhead I noticed that the three lights seemed to be changing colors. The red light at the front especially seemed to be changing hues from red to orange to pink. Then, in what only lasted maybe a second, the lights all suddenly changed to white and spun around the craft in a counter-clockwise motion. Since I had been staring at it for a while now it was hard to discern exactly what happened. It was either the main lights I had been seeing changing, or a second set of lights in the center of the craft in a circular pattern quickly bursting into a syncopated spin. Either way, I knew that this wasn t the norm for any commercial or private plane. This happened one more time before the craft went out of view behind some small trees in the campground, headed west over Lake Huron.

Somewhat excited, I went in and told my wife what had happened. She quickly came outside and I pointed to the sky to show her where I had seen the object. Almost immediately, we saw another one coming from the same direction. In all, two more flew by in that same flight pattern. Yet these were a little more to the south and I didn t see the odd light pattern again. I think it was the added distance. Either way it was disappointing because I thought that was what really distinguished them as possible UFOs. I tried to shoot some video but all that came out was a few blinking lights and a whole lot of black. We also walked down the gravel road toward the beach following the lights as they moved out into the lake, roughly following the contours of the peninsula. When we walked back to the cottage we saw another (or one of the same) crafts again, this time at a much higher altitude and headed away from the lake in the exact opposite direction.

Looking back on the situation I know I can rule out either a helicopter or small private plane. No way it was either of them. The only commercial scenario I can think of would be multiple planes in holding patterns on their way into Toronto. But the odd lights array, low altitude and lack of traditional jet noise make that unlikely. There is also the military scenario. Recently I saw a stealth bomber at low altitude along the Michigan side of the Lake Huron shoreline. This didn t look like that, but given the proximity and the heightened military security given the Fourth of July holiday, it is possible.

In the end, I think there s a pretty good chance we saw UFOs. We d love to hear if anyone in the area saw anything similar that night to corroborate our tale or give a logical explanation to what we saw.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/040702b.shtml