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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 2nd 2004 : Scarborough/West Hill, Ontario

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Location: Scarborough/West Hill, Ontario

Date: July 2nd 2004

Time: 4:45 approx

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects:1

Shape of objects: Round, looked like a jellyfish

Hi John, hope you are keeping well. I must say, you have kept up one of the best data banks in the world regarding sightings added with Brian Vike.

You have just posted in recent a report that bring a strange coincidence of the date & area of a sighting in Scarborough/West Hill along Lake Ontario's bluffs.

On July 2, 2004, I was down near, along the lakeshore in western Scarborough. In record to that date. I had witnessed about 10 or more daytime sightings in Scarborough, starting back on March 3, 2003. On that day, Friday, July 2nd, while in a park walking before heading for a swim. I was facing westward, on a clear blue sky day at about 4:45 - 5:45pm. I cannot quite remember which exact hour.

I had blocked the sun with a tall spruce tree and witnessed something that I shall never forget. I witnessed a craft of incredible size. At least one or more "miles" in diameter. I was instantly stunned, for the 3-4 seconds watching it glide slowly from the south to the north.

In description, I witnessed a very large rounded craft like looked like a jellyfish. It had a thin rim on the outside in the colour blue and white-very translucent. Inside this half circle witnessed. There were two other smaller circles inside the larger half circle. I had alway assumed that there were two other smaller circles of the other half of the craft not seen. When I witnessed it for 3-4 seconds. I moved my head to the left, directly into the sun's rays. I was blinded instantly and refocused blocking the tree again. It was gone OUT OF SIGHT!

Today, a recent report comes out Wimbledon/ UK regarding a pink jellyfish-that has been identified with "four" smaller circles ! This new sighting that has surfaced this month-Jan2009. Now confirms my guess, of what I witnessed here in Scarborough, Ontario July 2, 2004. Will wonders ever cease ! I will attach a diagram of what I witnessed and inter-related reports that have surfaced just recently.

PS I do believe you have a mini diagram that I sent to Brian-Dates and Shapes-Ontario.

Thanks again for maintaining important data, as it helps put these activities in reason of monitoring. Best Regards Paul ~~~ jellyfish report

Diagram of the sighting