July 24th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Davidee Kowcharlie

Location: Belcher Islands, Sanikiluaq, Nunavut. Canada

Date: 7/24/04 11:07pm

Approach Direction: Hovering and flying of different objects/lights

Departure Direction: Heading North

Witness Direction: South,Southwesterly - [2 witnesses]

Description: Hovering light observed and more lights noticed underneath the hovering white light and they seemed to be retrieving something from the area and there were more lights coming out of the big hovering light.

Color/Shape: Bright white light - hovering ball
smaller red lights rotating clockwise beneath the big light
appeared to have 3 white lights coming out of the big white hovering one and at the same time the 3 white smaller ones seemed to go to the ground as they did it appeared to have 3 more coming into the hovering big white light.

Height & Speed: 250 feet of big white light - hovering
speed of objects coming out of bright light too fast for this world. [Phenominal, awesome speed.]
Departed towards the North

TV/Radio/Press: Sighting was talked about with friends, but not through the media.


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