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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 24th 2004 : Mt. Pleasant, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Mt. Pleasant, Ontario, Canada

Date: 07/24/04

Approach Direction: Down from the sky up towards the east

Departure Direction: I dont believe there was a chance for departure.

Witness Direction: West

Description: I looked up into the sky and my attention was directed to a single light in the eastern part of the sky which vanished, almost faded, into the sky. I mentioned it to a friend who was sitting beside me and ask him if he saw it. I then found it on the west side of the sky and I got my friend to look at it with me and as we watched it, it simply faded, almost as if it were erased slowly from the sky. We then looked straight ahead, facing Bburford Ontario, where we watched what seemed to be the fading light fall to the earth from the sky, but it looked as if it had been attacked it look as if it were on flames. At the same time coming from earth going up into the sky, directly to the falling light, were two rockets (or at least it looked like it) both on an exact same angle, shot off what seemed to be at the same time and as they all hit each other, vanished in mid air. It was like a dream. My friend and I have never spoke about it again really or told anyone else about what we saw.

Color/Shape: More like a glowing light, faded into the sky and went from one side of the sky to the other (east to west) in a matter of seconds (so unreal)

Height & Speed: Height: Way up there it just looked like a light in the middle of day. Speed: So fast it faded like it never exsited.

TV/Radio/Press: All the details were put in my description, if there was anything else I were to add would be that they didn't seem to be a threat whatever came from the earth did.