July 30th 2004

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Smoke Ring And Grey Dot

Date: July 30, 2004
Time: 12:30 CST

Earlier today, I decided to take advantage of sunny conditions to go work outside, so I took my notebook computer out to the back patio and set it up. Although the day had started clear, thunder clouds started building up before noon. Much of the sky to the north was cloudy, but the sky to the south was clear. The storm clouds were well defined. There wasn't much overcast or haze, just storm cloud or clear blue sky. I need to take frequent breaks when working on the computer outside, because of glare reflected from the display. So, at one point (about 12:30), I leaned back and looked straight up into the sky. I noticed that there was a very well defined thundercloud to the north, scattered cloud overhead and blue sky west and east. Directly overhead, there was what looked like a smoke ring, about the size of my thumbnail held at arm's length. It was perfectly circular and appeared to be swirling inward on itself. In the center of the smoke ring was a grey dot or small circle. At first, the dot was almost as large as the area inside the smoke ring, about the size of a fingernail at arm's length. Over the next several seconds, the grey dot appeared to get smaller, then disappeared. The smoke ring remained, but gradually (over about a minute or so) dissipated.

Additional Information:

Q. - Did the dot to the best of your knowledge appear to have any structure to it ? Maybe a solid object ? I know this may

A. - Be a tough one to answer if you didn't get a great look at it. It was just a grey dot, actually a somewhat blue-grey, not contrasting very highly against the sky and without sharply defined edges or features. It had the appearance of being very high, with the atmosphere obscuring details and definition.

Q. - Also did the grey dot appear to move around at anytime within the circle ?

A. - It just seemed to get smaller. Bear in mind that the smoke ring appeared cloud-like, same white color as surrounding cloud, in blue sky (there were clouds near it and a "perfect" thunder cloud off to the north very highly contrasted against a clear sky). Inside the smoke ring, the sky seemed grey, but then it seemed that the grey was getting smaller and the color of the sky outside the ring became more apparent inside the ring. The grey area, or dot, continued getting smaller and the area between it and the edge of the ring took on more of the color of the surrounding sky. Whether perhaps the dot wavered around inside the ring wasn't apparent. It was a bit like watching someone's pupil constrict.

Q. - Were you able to hear any sound at all ?

A. - There was no sound.

Q. - Did you happen to observe any aircraft in the area while this event took place ?

A. - Actually, during the entire time I worked outside, there weren't any aircraft. Not a very busy time at the airport, I guess.

Q. - Did the dot happen to reflect any light back towards your direction as if the sun had hit it ?

A. - I didn't see any reflection, no detail, no definition. Just a grey dot. I wouldn't describe it as fuzzy, but the edges weren't well defined, perhaps because of lack of contrast.

Q. - Was there any thing that looked like wings, or something to this effect on the dot ?

A. - No other shape at all. For all I know, it could have been a solid object or it could have been a column of smoke or cloud.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040730.shtml