August 19th 2004

Vernon, B.C. Strange Effect

Date: August 19 2004
Time: After midnight

Hi Brian

I have been reporting the globes that have been around Vernon since April. I became familiar with their behavior, and where they would be. There was usually four. Then there was only one after a three week lapse. I am out every night at the time I have seen their activity, but only the one has appeared once a week since July. Two weeks ago the one stopped over the airport in the clouds and flared three short times. This was different as I have seen them pulse and flare but not short sharp blasts of light. The globe is all light and my binoculars can't make out anything that could be called a vehicle. When it flares it only increases in size equal to the light it emits. It does not morph into anything or display many lights. It is something covered in light and remains the size of a seed pearl.

Thursday night something really different happened. The sky over the airport had low clouds and heat haze from the ground. I looked to the spot where I have seen them appear over the airport. The globe flared and then really flared to blinding white. The different part is this. If I hadn't been sitting down I would have had to sit down. As it was I was set back in my chair. I felt this light press through me. I did not lose time, or lapse in consciousness or feel fear.

A friend in Salmon Arm witnessed the same thing only she said she nearly fell over and the horses in the field all jumped. She was out at midnight looking for her cat. She said no noise, no explosion just pure white light that went to the back of her head.This is the first time I have felt a light force. A light force. Sounds kind of cool and it was.

Take care.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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