September 12th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Real Name: Lindsay Brown

Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Date: 09/12/04 at 23:42 Mountain time

Approach Direction: object was originally facing NE or E

Departure Direction: Unexplainable

Witness Direction: South

Description: We were driving south on 8th Street when we noticed a flying object with lights on the craft and had two (2) beams of light projecting a fairly long distance from the craft. We continued watching as the craft approached a small cloud in the sky and once the craft had reached the cloud the lights became distant very very quickly. The craft soon vanished and was nowhere in sight. Once the craft had disappeared the cloud itself diffused into the sky. It was the most bizarre thing that I have ever seen in my life.

Color/Shape: The color of the object was unknown. There were several bright white lights along the frame of the craft. The two (2) beams of light protruding from the craft were facing completely opposite directions, 1 facing N.E. and the other facing S.E.

Height & Speed: The craft was lower than an aircraft would usually be spotted flying and appeared to be much larger. The initial speed did not appear to be fast at all until the craft approached the cloud, by the time the craft had reached the cloud it travelled at a high speed

Follow-up Reoport from Brian Vike:

Hi Brian,

I will try my best to answer the questions you've asked as descriptive and accurate as possible.

The weather was ok, the sky was mainly clear except for a few clouds. Since the sighting happened near midnight, it was kind of chilly outside but clear. I don't recall what phase the moon was in that night, I apologize, but you might be able to find out, it was September 12 /04.

I couldn't identify the exact shape of the UFO, although it appeared to be quite large. I am also not sure of the color of the craft because the lights around it were a bright white lights around it as well as the 2 beams of light projecting from the craft. Neither of us heard any noise coming from the craft. I should tell you that I am really terrible with distance, I don't have very good depth perception but I can tell you that the UFO was a heck of a lot closer to ground than airplanes usually are... Unless it just appeared that way because the lights were so big!

When we first saw the UFO, it appeared to be heading east but once it started moving towards the cloud that I told you about, it was very eerie.. The way I would describe it would be that the cloud 'swallowed' the craft. It literally vanished and was not to be seen.

To tell you more about the lights, there were several bright white lights around the craft and had 2 beams of light (kind of like spot lights) projecting from either side, but not complete opposite sides, more like 90 degrees apart from one another, (ex. one beam facing south, the other east). Does that make sense??? This is hard to explain through email! The lights weren't flashing, but once the craft approached the cloud, the 2 beams seemed to shut off and the several bright lights decreased to I believe about 3 bright white lights and once the craft reached the cloud, the 3 bright lights got smaller and smaller and smaller until they were gone. Very creepy, but such a cool thing to see!

I think that about covers my sighting, it happened so fast, my friend and I had so much to talk about, we were in absolute awe. It was unbelievable, I am still in such shock.

I hope that I answered all of your questions and gave you enough information to further explore our sighting!!


[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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