September 17th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On File

Location: beaumont trailer park, heyden, sault ste. marie, ontario

Date: friday september 17 3:39 am

Approach Direction: no direction (stationary)

Departure Direction: straight up

Witness Direction: directly above with bodies facing north

Description: i was awakened by a weird sensation, i heard a very low humming and felt a weird sensation all over my body so i went to go get my brothr and could not find him, then i saw the lights flashing through the windows and when i looked outside they were almost blinding but i was able to see my brother outside looking up to the sky so i ran out to go and get him. at first i thought it was one of them police helicopters searchng for someone but once i got a good look at it, I knew it wasn't. it was much much bigger and it was shaped like a huge submarine, but with tons of lights everywhere, the bottom of it looked like a star field and it had beams of lights shining down the middle of it, in a straight line from onwe end to teh other (I couldn't tell which end was the front or back). As this was happening ther was no wind, or any other kind of nature sound what so ever, just the low humming. even though i didn't know what it was, i felt very at peace and felt mesmerised by it's beauty. The beams of lights from the middle of it were moving in a very slow circular fashion, along the ground as if it was searching for something. All of a sudden my brother and i heard sirens in the distance and the lights went away . then we heard what sounded like a really loud thunder clap and the craft started to go higher and higher into the sky until we couldnt see it anymore.

Color/Shape: long and narrow, like a submarine with rounded ends. It was very very big.

Height & Speed: we only saw it take off. it was maybe only 10 stories off the ground because it cleared the highest trees in the woods

TV/Radio/Press: when the OPP came we told them what we saw and they said it was a search and rescue helicopter and not to say anything else to anyone


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