November 3rd 2004

Between Shelbourne And Alliston Ontario Black Ring Shaped Cloud

Date: November 3, 2004
Time: Between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Message: Hello: I was intrigued to read about the UFO report for November 22/23? 2004 for Caledon Ontario. It mentions the area of Caledon being very active recently. This immediately perked my memory of what I saw within the last month just north of the Caledon area. I was driving along east highway 89 between Shelbourne and Alliston Ontario which is about 30 Kilometres north of Caledon (as the bird or UFO flies). It was mid afternoon and the sky was absolutely blue and clear with the exception of a little cloud formations near the horizon. To my front left (NorthEast) as I was driving was a huge very black ring shaped cloud all by itself. It must have been about 10-20 kilometres away from and looking at the map after, it seems to have been just above the military base Borden. There was clearly no source of smoke from the ground that would have or was feeding this cloud. The ring must have been about 2 kilometers thick with a diameter of 10 kilometres sighting between 2-5 kilometres in elevation.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian:

To answer some of your questions further: As far as date or time I will have to try and get a job order pulled from the computer at my workplace, this is the reason I was in the area that day, this job order will have the date on it, from that I should be able to get the approximate time as well (either way I will let you know). As it stands right now I remember it being between 2-6 weeks ago.

Because the cloud stood so much by itself in isolation and its shape was very round and a big hole making it look like a ring it struck me that it could not possibly be a 'cloud' , for this reason that it was so strange I looked around in all directions (in the sky and ground) for a possible link for a cause and could not find anything (object) that would suggest a link to this cloud object. The more I looked the stranger it seemed, there wasn't even small 'atmospheric wisps' of other very small clouds leading into or away from this cloud. Simply all by itself in the clear blue sky. I don't remember seeing an aircraft, I do remember wishing I had a camera. I looked at the cloud for about 15 minutes while driving down #89 until my route of travel took it out of my view.

The cloud didn't do anything, it just hung there standing still; the atmospheric pressure was high that day, not cold but a nice crisp day when nothing is moving very much. It seemed like it would still be there if I came back and hour later.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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