November 3rd 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Lorne Seaton

Location: London, Ontario Canada

Date: 11/03/04 - 9:00pm est (appr)

Approach Direction: south

Departure Direction: north (in a direct line)

Witness Direction: facing west looking upwards

Description: An extremely clear night, my wife and I were watching Air Traffic while sitting in our hot tub. While noticing some local air traffic we witnessed 3 spherical lights perfectly aligned pass directly over us. At first we though plane or satellite or falling stars but far too fast and wrong direction/location for this area.

Color/Shape: Lights/objects were spherical/football shaped in nature, opague in colour and aligned as if in the left side of a goose formation.

Height & Speed: The hight appeared to be lower than normal air traffic and moved in a perfect straight line but extremely fast.

TV/Radio/Press: Nothing was reported that we can tell in the press.


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