November 29th 2004

North Bay, Ontario Boomerang Craft Date: November 29th, 2004
Time: 3:45 a.m.

My husband and I woke up around 3:30 a.m. in the morning. All was pitch dark and quiet outside, as the city is a bit of a bible belt and the shuts down on Sundays pretty much.

We both lay beside each other in darkness, quiet, not speaking to each other just relaxing. A minute or so had passed, and I began to hear giggling/singing coming from outside our window, sounded like little children right outside our front door. I didn't say anything. It lasted about 6 seconds, but I'm laying there wondering "What are little children doing up in the streets at this hour in the morning?" not possible, I thought. But before I could sort out my thoughts, I heard my husband quietly call my name. He summoned me to peak out of a small opening in our bedroom window, which was covered in blinds except for small area in which you could see a very limited and small portion of the night sky.

It was a green glowing light, and behind the light you could see a distinct shape, it was grey in color, maybe just a few shades lighter than the night sky but you could definitely see it. It was triangular, but more like a boomerang, and the edges were curvy and round and not straight edge. It was slowly moving back and forth, left to right, but not automatic like a pendulum but every now and then sporadically. There was no sound that we could hear from indoors with the window cracked slightly open. We are unsure how far up in the sky it was. Judging by my past sightings in 1997 and 1998, I think it was further up in the sky than both of those as they seemed very close. However it was hard to get a vantage point though from indoors.

Before I took my first look at it, my husband said the light was blueish and not green, so it seems to have changed colour from blue into green. I should also add that while the other two sightings were like the Moon, a dull brilliance, this green one was more bright and there were weird morphing colour trails that looked a bit like rippling water colour that are hard for me to describe but they followed it when it moved. (note: I still don't know if that is describing it properly or not but its the best I can do)

I can't explain this next part other than to say I felt psychically that whatever it was in the sky, was not aware that my husband was observing it, but once both my husband and I were fixing our attention on it, it seemed to become aware that it was being observed, and became more still. I noted the time, 3:55 am. I observed it for at least 5 minutes, my husband maybe 10. After five minutes I went to look for binoculars. It was more important for me I guess to get a better look at it than it was for me to snap a picture of it. Besides that I had no film to take a picture with.

My husband was the one to last see it, he said it went behind a cloud and disappeared. We watched and waited, it never returned.

It wasn't till after the "UFO" had left that I mentioned to my husband the "children singing" I had heard right before it happened. He confirmed immediately that he had heard it too and wondered what it was. We have no idea why, but neither of us mentioned it to each other while it was happening or straight after it happened. Later we both went around the house to check to see if radios had been on and they were not.

I don't know why but I feel these children singing and the thing we saw in the sky were connected.

The language sounded almost like English but not enough to be able to tell what they were saying. For example it didn't sound so different than English as Chinese would, it sounded close to English. It may have even been English, I couldn't say for sure.

Additional Information:

Brian, this is an afterthought on the 2004 sighting if you want to add this or not whatever is fine. Its hard because there were two weird things in the same sighting, I don't know if the green light was in front of the grey boomerang looking thing or if it was attached to it, but they moved together in synch and both were weird and not normal.

Thank you to the witness for this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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