December 17th 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On File

Location: Mountainview Subdivision, between Deep River and Chalk River, Ontario, Canada.

Date: 12/17/04 approx 2200 hours local time.

Approach Direction: Headed from Deep River, following the Ottawa River valley.

Departure Direction: Headed towards Chalk River, following the Ottawa River valley

Witness Direction: South

Description: I was just coming out of the house to let my dog out on the dug run. When I saw reflected multi colour lights and heard a very high pitched electro-magnetic type sound. I estimate that there were 1 to 3 objects moving approx. 100-120 meters above the river, or up to 50 meters above the tree line. I believe they where travelling at a very high rate of speed based on the elevation, maybe between 200-400kms per hour. As I came out from under the overhang of the house, I heard the frequency pick up to high pitch as if they were accelerating very rapidly. The unfortunate part is that I did not see them leave, and can only estimate that they moved towards Chalk River or maybe at an angle towards the sky...

Color/Shape: Multi cloured lights: Blue, Red, Orange, Green all flashing

Height & Speed: approx 100-120 meters above the river, moving 200-400kmph and accelerating outwards and towards Chalk River


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