December 18th 2004

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Tweed, Ontario

Approximately 2350 hrs, 18 Dec 04

I was returning home, traveling on Bridgewater road, which is a rural gravel road, north of Tweed, Ontario. Approximately 1 km east of Hwy 37, I noticed what is best described as an oval light, with a flat bottom, giving an appearance of a dome light. Normally something like this would register as a meteor, as we see many in our mostly smog free skies. Annually we look forward to the Persiad and Leonid showers. But in this case, the smoothness, the speed (I sensed it was closer than meteors), seemed different, and there was no trail. Trails seem to be a consistent factor with meteors. At no time did I have the impression it was a meteor. The only other piece of information I can offer it was traveling almost due north.

Thank you



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