December 22nd 2004

Trail B.C. Oval Surrounded by Rings Of Light

Date: December 22, 2004
Time: Approx: 7:25 p.m.

The couple drove from Vancouver to Trail for Christmas with the fellows parents.

My girlfriend and I were standing outside of my parents home close to the well's pump house which is approx 50 feet from the front side of their house. We was waiting for my parents to return from picking up my other family member for the holidays. As I turned around and faced the house, I noticed a brilliant light coming from south but traveling low and slow. As we watched an object flew over the home and over top of us. We saw two rings of light rotating around an oval shaped craft. The first ring was made up of a blue and yellow, and the second ring - white and reds. The light the object gave off lit up the entire area and it eventually descended out of sight behind the tree line and disappeared. We never saw it again. The craft traveled to slow for it to be an airplane and we heard no sound at all. The object may have been approx: 40-50 feet in diameter and it's altitude was approx: 300 above ground. My girlfriend was squishing my arm as she was so frightened. Needless to say, we had quite the story to tell my parents when they arrived back home.

Thank you to the witness for his report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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