Oshawa, Ontario

Winter 2004/2005

Oshawa, Ontario White Object

Date: Winter 2004/2005 ?
Time: Daytime

Hi Brian, I'm no techno buff, but, I have achieved getting this video to you, as promised. This was a "three" step problem, as this was filmed on a "analog" camcorder tape. Recorded on to a VHS tape, then recorded on my son's digital camera, from the TV, recording of the tape. Then for the last step, to process of downloading and saving. Thus finally, sending this segment to you. This was taken around winter 2004/2005. I had lost this camcorder tape, "kids"!! but, now recently recovered the footage. Sorry, how poor the quality appears, due to this method. I am seeking an alternative way, for better picture quality. I will have it transferred to DVD, as more sightings occurr. I will be sending another one from Feb.12, 2006 at after 12:00pm. I can see how obvious that video footage, delivers more "proof" over the "still" camera. Better details of this object's, speed movements, direction, and detailed flickering. I'll now convert to video, over camera while skywatching for "better" photographic "evidence" down the road. Enjoy the shared footage.

Here at home in "Oshawa", facing southeast. I will see if I can do better with the picture as I'm looking into help for better clarity, as you have suggested. But for now, I'm happy to get it to you. I do have another clip coming your way soon, from Feb.12, 2006. This one whirls around, a white round object-very quick over the house.


Thank you to the witness for the report and footage.

Footage © 2006 PMS

Oshawa, Ontario White Object.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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