January 30th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: ottawa , ontario, canada

Date: 01/30/2005. @ 17:30pm

Approach Direction: west

Departure Direction: north /west

Witness Direction: 3

Description: as I was preparing supper i noticed a bright red and white flashing light in the sky out side my kitchen window..i called my husband to come and see. so we went outside and my neighbour was walking by, i called her over and ask her to look at it "she was like "oh my god" what is that!my husband kept saying it was an airplane , but airplanes dont sit in one spot like that!it was a very bright red and white fast flashing lights, it sat in one spot for 3 minutes it was as high as an airplane and very silent. The evening was dark and the skies were clear that night it was 100 times brighter then a star. then as we stared, it started to move towards north/west slowly then it was gone. it was no where in sight just the stars. we started stating again it was an aiplane or helipcopter since we live close to the airport and the incoming /outgoing air traffic flies over our house...it's very unfimiliar that something like that would be coming from the ottawa airport..

Color/Shape: bright red and white the shape looked like to be oval as the lights kept going very fast around it.the red was brighter then the white and noticable in the clear sky.

Height & Speed: as high as an airplane...the speed as it started to move was bout 30km/h then sped to bout 150km/h then it was gone..


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