February 11th 2005

Edmonton, Alberta White Bright Light

Date: February 11, 2005
Time: 5:30 p.m.

02/11/05 About 5:30 p.m. Edmonton view from downtown looking North East towards Grant McEwan College witnessed from 9th story apartment window. White bright light, size unknown?, above and behind Grant Mc McEwan College, bigger and brighter than Venus or Sirius, so bright at first I thought it was a plane landing and thinking it had just turned and its light was facing me as we're close to the city center airport. I've been watching the skies around here for 3-4 years now by this airport so I'm pretty familiar with the area and I've seen planes turn in like that many times and all of a sudden there's a bright light in the sky as cause the plane is facing you. I've seen lots of planes land and take off, the Air 1 cop heli all night many nights for the past 3 years zipping around the city, along with Stars the medic heli also some military and army helis that sometime look black. What ever it was last night it was at the altitude as if it was a plane coming in to land and just appeared out of nowhere abit above McEwan College. It was about 5:30 p.m. were looking at the computer monitor ordering food off B.P's menu online, the computer is against the wall right beside the window all I have to do is turn my head 15 degrees to the left and I'm looking at the area I witnessed it in last night. It was really bright I found it abit low in altitude to be a plane coming in to land, I thought maybe it was Air 1's searchlight than cause it was that bright and seemed like it wasn't descending in altitude like a plane does. Just hovering in low altitude. At that moment I said to my wife in a sarcastic manner "look a UFO", thinking it was Air 1's searchlight.

I looked back at the monitor for 5 seconds still seeing it out of the corner of my eye and than I looked back at it thinking I should grab the binocs which were at arms length on the table but thought I had seen white wings by the lights? Anyways looked back at the monitor for another 5 seconds or so than looked back out and it was gone. I got up out of my seat right away and had my face pressed to the window, which is 2-3 feet away as I couldn't see a plane or heli as I expected. Green and red blinking light of a plane or the red light of the heli. Nothing! If it was the heli it would have been somewhere close in the vicinity and there was nothing. If it would have been a plane it would have crashed into one of Grant McEwan Towers by now or where Safeway is mini mall strip is??? I stood there at the window scanning the sky for something, but nothing could be seen. I was flipping out on my wife who by than had taken my seat and was looking at the menu now "Honey, that really was a UFO"! Total time of sighting: 15-20 seconds.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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