February 16th/23rd 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Morgan

Location: Pointe Claire, Montreal, Canada

Date: February/16 or 23/2005, around 9:00-9:30 pm, local time.

Approach Direction: To the south.

Departure Direction: To the north.

Witness Direction: To the south. (My left side)

Description: One night, my boyfriend came over. When he had to leave, my dad drove him home, and I went with them. When we were in the car, I was staring out the window, and I think that I saw a UFO. We were driving west, and it was coming from the south (my left side). It was just before the over-pass on St-Jean. At first I thought that it was an airplane, because it was kind of shaped like one, but as I looked harder I came to believe that it wasn't. The lighting on it wasnt like that of an airplane. It only had round, white-yellowish lights, and it was surrounding the bottom and I think the sides of it. It wasnt making any noise, and it wasnt moving. It was just sitting there... I cant estimate how big it was. But it was pretty big... or just close to the ground. But since it was shaped like an airplane I just ignored the thought that it might be a UFO.

Then we dropped my boyfriend off at his house and started heading back. Around the same spot where I saw the UFO, I looked out the window out of curiousity to see if it was still there... and to my surprise it was! It hadn't moved. It was still just sitting there. I got freaked out and told my dad about it. Then I looked out the window I saw it moving away really fast, going towards the north. I looked out the other window facing to the north, and the UFO was gone. It just vanished....

I don't know exactly what I saw, but if anyone else thinks that they've seen the same thing, please contact me!

Color/Shape: It was a grayish color, kind of in the shape of an airplane. It had round, white yellowish lights on the bottom and I think on the sides of it.

Height & Speed: I can't estimate it's height, because it was either large, or very close to the ground. I didn't see it approach. It just sat there for a few minutes. Then it randomly flew away very fast. I cant estimate it's speed either...

Follow-up Information from Brian Vike:

Hi Brian, here's my reply to the questions that you asked me.

In total, roughly how long would you say the object was sitting in the same place. From when you first saw it, then dropped off your boyfriend and saw it fly off ?

-Hmm... I'd say around 5 to 10 mins

Can you also tell me what the weather conditions were that evening ?

-I'm pretty sure it was a clear night, maybe with a few clouds.

Were you at anytime able to see any aircraft around the area at the time of the sighting ?

-I think I saw an airplane

Describe the area in which you made the sighting. Is it near an airport? An Air Force Base? A military or research installation of any kind?

-It was on the highway. Just before the overpass on St-Jeans Boulevard. The area was sort of near the Dorval airport.

If you had to make a guess, how far away was the object from your closet point when observing it ?

-I can't really estimate that. But on the highway, to the left side when going west, there are houses right next to the highway, and it was right above and a bit behind one of them.

The area where the object was either on the ground or sitting just above it, is there a field or a heavy populated area ?


Would you remember how many lights you were able to see ? Also where exactly were each of the lights located on the object ?

-No, I don't remember how many lights I could see. I just remember that the lights were located on the bottom of the object, all around it, and I think on the sides of it too, which was also all around it.

Were any of the light flashing or blinking off and on ?


Were there any colored lights on the object, if so could you tell me what the colors were ?

-Yes, the lights were whiteish-yellowish.

When the object started to move, did it slowly pick up speed as it traveled along, or did it appear to speed of from it's stationary position ?

-It appeared to speed off from its stationary position.

Also when it was moving did it start to climb up in altitude or travel along horizontally until you lost sight of it ?

-At first it travelled horizontally, then it started to fly up... and it randomly disappeared.

When you did finally lose sight of it, was this due to structures being in the way, or because the lights got smaller ?

-I don't know. It just disappeared.

You mentioned it was a grayish color, I am guessing you may have been close to it to see this, if so did you or your father feel any unusual sensations at the time of the sighting ?

-I dont think my dad or my boyfriend did, because they didn't even seem to notice it. But yes, when I saw it I felt a strange felling, that it wasnt suppose to be there...


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