February 21st 2005

NWSURC Tracks Large UFO Throughout Saskatchewan

NWSURC is currently investigating reports where residents have seen a huge round or oval UFO emitting green and sometimes blue lights on the night of Monday February 21, 2005. The object was described as being huge, larger than an airplane and was flying above tree top height.

NWSURC first received a report from a couple in Midale. It was at 22:15 while in bed the wife happened to notice something out of the window. She yelled to her husband "Look out the window!". The husband then saw a huge silver object emitting a green glow travel right passed their window. The husband described it as being oval in shape traveling at high speed just above the trees cross the alley. The wife said the object seemed to be rotating as it moved. Their bedroom window faces northeast and the object was traveling in a southerly direction. The whole event took place within a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. A silverish-white trail was seen behind the object. There are homes on the otherside of the alley. It was determined that the object was approximately no more than a mile away from these homes. When questioned the husband said if he held an orange up to his line of sight at the window, that would be how big it was. At the time of the incident, no electrical interference had been noticable. That was until the next morning when the husband was getting ready for work, he was unable to listen to the Environment Canada broadcasts on a VHF frequency of 162.400 Mhz. Infact, the SaskTel tower was off the air Tuesday and Wednesday following. (There is a major power grid close to Midale, approximately two miles away, coming from a coal generating power plant at Estevan, some 40 km. distant. There was a crop circle discovered close to that power transmission line just over a year ago.)

I received another report tonight from a gentleman in North Battleford who was concerned about what he had seen at 22:00 on Monday February 21, 2005. A very large bright greenish-blue round light traveled NW to SE, over the city of North Battleford. It appeared as though the object was within 10 miles of his home. He described the object as travelling slower than a falling star and unlike any airplane he has ever seen. The lighted object was "larger than an airplane". It appeared as though it had traveled towards the hospital near the river. The gentleman almost jumped into his car to drive down to the river to see if it had landed. The object then disappeared over the horizon.

The object from North Battleford disappeared in the very same direction as Midale (SE). It may very well be the same object. First seen in North Battleford at 22:00, travelling SE to Midale where a witness saw similar object at 22:15. An interesting note to point out is that the gentleman from North Battleford does not have access to a computer, has not seen NWSURC's website and was not aware of the Midale report filed with NWSURC.

Map of Saskatchewan showing flight path of object

The object was last seen heading south, possibly continuing on into North Dakota.

Anyone having witnessed anything unusual around that evening is asked to contact Barb Campbell at (306) 893-4009.

Barb Campbell, NWSURC
Box 263 Maidstone SK S0M 1M0
Ph/Fax: (306) 893-4009
Email: contactus@nwsurc.com
Web: www.nwsurc.com

[UFOINFO thanks Barb Campbell and NWSURC for granting permission to use this report.]


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